IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another huge day of football.

In today's episode ... 

- Recruit of the year: Nat and Damo throw up some of the names making a serious impact with their new club
- Fyfe under fire: Is it time to pull his game apart?
-  Patrick Cripps' looming contract: What now for Carlton? Who should they lock away next?
- Could Clarko leave Hawks and let Sam Mitchell take over?


In this episode ...

0:32 – Damo's recruit of the year

2:17 – Nat has a different take

4:27 – The other honourable mentions

7:41 – Disappointing Dockers

9:13 – Freo's bad goalkicking led by its superstar Nat Fyfe

11:44 – Hawthorn coaching succession plan

13:45 – The ramifications for Carlton of Cripps' looming contract