IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another massive round of football.

In this episode ... 

- Collingwood president Mark Korda's 'passionate' letter to members - how does this help?
- COVID chaos, Sir Doug Nicholls Round launch cancelled
- 'Wildcard' Buddy's road to 1000 goals - it will never happen again 

- Richmond and its Shai Bolton investigation - how did he break his hand?
- All the latest on the Tribunal ... did they get it right?


In this episode ...

0:29 - Mark Korda's letter to Collingwood members
1:37 – The aspects of mixed messaging, and 'lecture-y' nature of the letter
3:38 – Will this letter save Korda?
5:54 – Victoria's latest COVID crisis
7:00 – Sir Doug Nicholls Round launch cancelled
8:03 – Will Lance Franklin kick his 1000th goal this season?
9:23 – The impact of Buddy the 'wildcard'
12:00 – The Shai Bolton/Daniel Rioli investigation. How did Bolton break his hand?
14:11 – Lachie Plowman's two-game suspension in the spotlight