IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another dramatic day in football.

In this episode ... 

- All the wash-up from yesterday as the AFL saved the round
- Tonight's blockbuster is pulled apart: Gawn v English, Libba v Oliver, Petracca v Bont, more
- In Judd and Selwood areas: A look at this young star ahead of his 50th game 
- The COO says this Saint has been one of their best ... three days later he's dropped


In this episode ... 

0:30 – COVID-scheduling issues: Do they compromise the fixturing integrity?

2:26 – Expect the unexpected during Victorian lockdown

3:59 – AFL and Gill always a couple of steps ahead

6:48 – How do Sam Walsh's first 49 games compare to the all-time greats

11:44 – Why didn't the Saints swing the axe?

13:02 – Looking ahead to one of the games of the season

14:20 – Who does Simon Goodwin put the most time into?

15:43 – Did Nat cancel her plans so she could watch this game?