IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another huge round day of football.

In this episode ... 

- Tickets are selling like hotcakes. A crowd of 50,000 could be at Dreamtime in the West
- Should the Dreamtime game be played around the country?
- When will Bombers gun Nik Cox get his Nab AFL Rising Star nom?
- Jeff Browne breaks silence and confirms 'Game of Thrones' plans for Collingwood
- Bevo's onto something: Senior coaches should not be part of the soft-cap


In this episode

0:26 – Could the Dreamtime match in Perth be a sellout?

2:40 – Should the Dreamtime game be shared?

6:50 – Collingwood's 'Game of Thrones' gathers momentum

8:26 – Will Jeff Browne be in power by the end of the season?

11:02 – Luke Beveridge's idea for coach-payment structure

12:46 – The 'loopholes' in Bevo's suggestion

14:20 – A look ahead to tonight's NAB AFL Mid-Season Draft