IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another huge round day of football.

In this episode ... 

- All the wash-up from the NAB AFL Mid-Season Draft
- Could former Saint Matt Parker become a premiership player at his new club?
- The Lions are putting their flag credentials firmly on the table
- The latest from Collingwood's Game of Thrones: Mark Korda speaks
- The financial toll of COVID on the clubs


In this episode ...

0:30 – The NAB AFL Mid-Season Draft was the 'land of the giants'

2:07 – Could an ex-Saint become the next Marlion Pickett?

3:37 – Different approaches to the draft: Now v Long-term

4:54 – Was last night bad news for Mason Cox?

6:26 – Brisbane's role players driving this premiership push

8:11 – Keep an eye on the Lions' 'dynamic' forward line

10:28 – Why Nat hates the rolling fixture

13:00 – Mark Korda's 'school newsletter' communications

14:35 – Collingwood board ructions and the impact on Nathan Buckley