IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another huge round day of football.

In this episode ...

- Rowell's return: No one ever forgets the No.1 draft
- Only one of the last 15 No.1 draft picks have made the All-Australian team
- Melbourne's 'beautiful problem': Do the Dees need Jack Viney?
- Adam Goodes' tragic exile from the football world: Hall of Fame is 'incomplete' without him


In this episode ...

0:29 - The status given to No.1 draft picks is 'fascinating'

1:53 - Why there are no guarantees with the first pick

3:49 - The 'staggering' lack of success among recent No.1s

6:15 - The Bulldogs' approach to Jamarra Ugle-Hagan

7:52 - Conservative recruiters feeling the pressure

9:50 - Adam Goodes' choice not to enter the Hall of Fame

11:59 - The ongoing scars of racism directed at Goodes

13:18 - The brilliance of the dual Brownlow medallist

14:26 - The 'beautiful problem' Simon Goodwin will soon address

16:50 - The Big Freeze