WHICH players are getting all of the draft buzz? Who are the top-10 contenders? Which names are rising up draft boards?

It is the mid-way point of the year, meaning this year's NAB AFL Draft is inching closer.

Tune into this week's Road to the Draft podcast as Cal Twomey and Nat Edwards bring you all of the latest draft news and whispers, plus updates on father-son picks and Academy selections.

And talented potential No.1 choice, South Adelaide teenager Jason Horne, joins the show to discuss his season and aspirations.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft prospects, club list managers and recruiters join the show or exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…  

0:45 – How has this year's draft panned out so far?

5:30 – The guys look at the contenders for the No.1 pick and how clubs are viewing that race.

9:00 – Who are the other top-10 contenders at the mid-way point of the season?

14:30 – The four players who are getting all the draft buzz right now.

19:00 – The team chat through the father-son prospects and where they could land in this year's draft pool.

21:05 – Is a Motlop bound for Fremantle? And which of the Saints' crop of Next Generation Academy players is catching attention? A full wrap of the Academy prospects available in 2021.

25:00 – Jason Horne joins Road to the Draft to discuss his season.

29:00 – Who is Horne moulding his game on from the top level?

32:00 – Does he want to be the No.1 pick?

33:30 – The past and present AFL stars helping Horne through his draft season.

36:30 – Why Horne has picked up 'The milkman' as a nickname

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