IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards join all the dots on footy's big issues.


- The Lions' have chips on their shoulders - here's their chance to prove they can handle big-bodied Cats
- Willie Rioli's impressive training return ('they will pick him') as Eagles begin their run for finals
- Cripps and Weitering's support for David Teague - enough talk, let's walk. 
- Robert Harvey's first first game as the main man -  he has clear air for the rest of the season

In this episode ... 

0:41 - 'The heavyweight bout of the 2021 home and away season'

0:53 - 'They both have chips on their shoulders ... a lot to prove' 

1:31 - The Lions were 'robbed' in round two 

4:45 'Zac Bailey's emergence ... is something to behold'  

8:30 - Willie Rioli returns to the Eagles in sparkling touch 

8:55 - He's very lucky that it his ban 'wasn't double', however

10:15 - If Willie is fit, 'they will pick him' 

12:38 - Why put Cripps and Weitering in front of the media on Monday?

13:08 - 'They said exactly what you knew they were going to say' 

14:06 - If they are really behind David Teague, they need to show it against the Crows

15:20 – Why Collingwood 'has clear air for the rest of the season