IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards join all the dots on all of football's big issues.


- The Brisbane v Geelong blockbuster unpacked
- Dumped Cat Quinton Narkle's contract situation, good form 
- Saints still coming to terms with the Seb Ross saga
- Why you must go to the 'G and watch The Greatest Showman 'Torpedo Toby' in action

In this episode ... 

0:48 - Geelong's 'healthy problem'  

1:02 - Narkle finds himself out of some 'really pointy-ended matches' ... It's a big-picture issue for the end of the year 

1:31 - He's a player of 'immense talent they would rather keep'

2:51 - 'The Kennedy comparison is an interesting one.' 

6:39 - Both Lions and Cats have chips on their shoulders after not getting what they wanted in 2020 

7:49 - Ratten's comments on how the club handled the Seb Ross situation had to be stronger

9:02 - 'They shirked it, they didn't handle it well' 

9:29 - 'They've got a chance to prove to themselves as much as the football industry there is an element of strength...' 

12:45 - Go to the 'G and watch 'Torpedo Toby ...The Greatest Showman'  

13:40 - 'This is only the second time the Giants have played at the G since that horror 2019 Grand Final loss to Richmond

13:58 - How the Hawks have turned it around in the past couple of weeks

15:05 - No known return date for Swans, Giants due to COVID outbreak in New South Wales