WILLIAMSTOWN has been able to recall two key players for its battle with Geelong at Downer Oval on Saturday.

Speedy tackling machine Josh Pickess and key forward Noah Gown have been named to return for the Seagulls in a battle that could see the winner jump into the top four and the loser drop out of the eight, but they have lost high-flyer Nick Ebinger to a calf injury.

The Cats have boosted their team significantly from the line-up that thrashed Essendon last week, with Jordan Clark (shoulder) back after missing just one match and Sam Simpson (quad), Quinton Narkle (AFL) and Nathan Kreuger also included for three youngsters and Oliver Tate, who has been left out of the clash against his former team.

VFL SEASON TRIMMED Covid forces reduction in games

Jacob Ballard returns from injury for Coburg’s Battle of Bell Street against the Northern Bullants on Sunday, with Sam Binion given his first game of the season and Jhye Baddeley-Kelly to make a long-awaited debut, but the Lions will be without injured pair Lochlan Dickson and Tom McKenzie.

The fast-marching Bullants have named an unchanged 22 for the second week in a row as they reward their victorious heroes of back-to-back wins.

Werribee livewire Max Augerinos has been named for only his third game of the season as the Tigers aim to celebrate their 1050th VFA/VFL game with a victory against Casey Demons at Avalon Airport Oval.

Western Jet Harrison White will make his debut for the Tigers as they look to bounce back from a shock loss to North Melbourne before last week’s bye, with Lucas Rocci injured and Harry Stubbings left out.

Harrison White leads the chase in the NAB Boys League, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

Casey has recalled AFL omission Tom Sparrow in place of the promoted Ben Brown as it aims to hit back from its own upset defeat to GWS, with Corey Ellison also recalled for Ryan Sparkes.

Southport hasn’t played since belting Brisbane in Round 10 and faces the same opponent in Round 13 at Fankhauser Reserve, with assistant coach Ryan Davis and star midfielder Lukas Webb included, but Brayden Crossley (ankle) joining fellow big man Fraser Thurlow on the sidelines.

The Lions also suffered a huge loss to Geelong since that day, but have regained Nakia Cockatoo, Ryan Lester, Jaxon Prior and Ely and Henry Smith while losing Jarrod Berry and Brock Smith.

The cavalry has arrived from quarantine for both Sydney and Gold Coast for their weekend clashes, easing the requirement for NAB League top-ups and VFL loan players.

The Swans will regain experienced big man Sam Reid and small forward Ben Ronke from injury among up to 18 changes for their clash with undefeated Footscray, while Patty McCartin is back from suspension and boom young forward Logan McDonald, Marc Sheather, Malachy Carruthers and Barry O’Connor have been rushed in after arriving from Newcastle earlier this week, but they have lost Lewis Taylor to injury and Will Gould to suspension.

Logan McDonald in action for Sydney in round one, 2021. Picture: Getty Images

Star forward Tom Papley’s younger brother Will, who made his VFL debut for Port Melbourne earlier this year, could also play for the Swans.

Gold Coast has been able to include top draft pick Elijah Hollands, games record holder Jarrod Harbrow ruckman Zac Smith and midfielders Lachie Weller and Hugh Greenwood, plus forward Joel Jeffrey, mid-season draftee Ned Moyle, Patrick Murtagh, Jordan Murdoch, Hewago Oea and Luke Towey to replace its top ups from last week for its game against GWS at ETU Stadium.

The Bulldogs and Giants are also yet to finalise their 22s for the games but have included several important players pending AFL selection.

Richmond, Collingwood, Sandringham and Essendon have also named extended squads for their Sunday games, with the big inclusions from injuries being Dan Hannebery and James Frawley (Zebras), Reef McInnes (Magpies) and Cody Brand and Brayden Ham (Bombers).

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Saturday, July 10, 12pm @ Downer Oval, Point Gellibrand (www.youtube.com, search VFL)

B: 18. J. Greiser, 29. H. Macreadie, 39. J. Toner
HB: 35. C. Dean, 25. T. Miles, 23. C. Polson
C: 32. D. Andrews, 8. N. Mellington, 9. A. Marcon
HF: 1. L. Meadows, 4. B. Myers, 34. M. Mellis
F: 36. D. Henderson, 16. N. Rodda, 3. C. Rich
R: 11. T. Downie, 6. L. Hunt, 2. M. Hibberd
Inter: 14. J. Gallucci, 28. N. Gown, 12. J. Leslie, 22. J. Pickess

Emerg: 42. K. Dawson, 20. J. Ottavi, 7. N. Sing, 10. J. Thorpe

In: Gown, Pickess
Out: N. Ebinger (calf), D. Mott

B: 58. D. Lang, 48. A. Black, 43. S. Okunbor
HB: 16. S. De Koning, 39. Z. Guthrie, 15. N. Kreuger
C: 6. J. Clark, 20. O. Brownless, 21. N. Stevens
HF: 31. F. Evans, 10. B. Jarvis, 37. S. Simpson
F: 52. J. McLachlan, 11. J. Jenkins, 33. S. Neale
R: 28. D. Fort, 18. C. Constable, 19. Q. Narkle
Inter: 57. J. Chalcraft, 55. Luke Smith, 41. C. Taheny, 66. J. Thurlow

Emerg: 59. N. Harris, 71. J. Johnston, 54. O. Tate, 78. I. Wareham

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Clark, Kreuger, Narkle, Simpson
Out: J. Gow, Johnston, Tate, Wareham 

Prediction: Williamstown by 9

Saturday, July 10, 1pm @ ETU Stadium, North Port Oval (www.youtube.com, search VFL)

B: 21. M. Buntine, 42. J. Stein, 77. S. Frost
HB: 45. J. Peatling, 46. C. Brown, 10. J. Wehr
C: 9. R. Angwin, 75. M. Monaghan, 35. W. Shaw
HF: 5. T. Bruhn, 73. H. Grintell, 20. T. Hutchesson
F: 71. F. Kelly, 26. J. Riccardi, 28. Z. Sproule
R: 32. K. Briggs, 34. N. Shipley, 3. S. Coniglio
Inter: 24. M. De Boer, 31. J. Finlayson, 30. M. Flynn, 63. J. Green, 12. T. Green, 23. J. Hogan, 39. C. Idun, 33. X. O’Halloran, 50. S. Reid

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Finlayson, Flynn, J. Green, T. Green, Hutchesson, Idun, Reid, Shipley
Out: J. Fahey, L. Fellows, C. Fleeton

B: 5. J. Harbrow, 43. J. McLennan, 20. J. Hombsch
HB: 57. F. Cameron, 50. J. Farrar, 45. L. Towey
C: 31. J. Murdoch, 7. W. Brodie, 47. H. Oea
HF: 36. E. Hollands, 40. J. Jeffrey, 21. J. Townsend
F: 44. D. MacPherson, 42. P. Murtagh, 49. N. Moyle
R: 32. Z. Smith, 14. L. Weller, 30. A. Davies
Inter: 2. R. Atkins, 46. C. Graham, 1. H. Greenwood, 54. L. Kidd, 52. B. Milford, 41. M. Rosas, 51. L. Wagener

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Cameron, Greenwood, Harbrow, Hollands, Jeffrey, Moyle, Murdoch, Murtagh, Oea, Smith, Towey, Weller
Out: A. Domic, F. Flockart, N. Gadsby, A. Manton, J. Neal, B. Reid, L. Ritchie, H. Walsh, G. Varagiannis 

Prediction: GWS by 8 

Saturday, July 10, 1.05pm @ Avalon Airport Oval, Chirnside Park (Kayo)

B: 27. J. Clark, 18. N. Cooper, 3. M. Sodomaco
HB: 22. B. Malual, 5. N. Coughlan, 2. M. Spencer
C: 13. K. Gray, 11. M. Hanson, 4. T. Gribble
HF: 14. R. Kemp, 7. N. Hayes, 10. J. Maishman
F: 38. H. Garoni, 1. W. Buzza, 6. S. Mannagh
R: 16. M. Lobbe, 29. D. Brew, 8. J. Henderson
Inter: 17. M. Augerinos, 21. L. Pinnuck, 45. C. Thar, 46. H. White

Emerg: 36. T. Boyd, 12. A. Lual, 26. D. Nielson, 9. R. Pendlebury

In: Augerinos, White
Out: L. Rocci (finger), H. Stubbings

B: 41. J. Lockhart, 44. J. Smith, 42. D. Turner
HB: 17. J. Bowey, 79. C. Ellison, 39. N. Jetta
C: 33. O. Baker, 22. A. Vandenberg, 40. K. Declase
HF: 37. K. Chandler, 28. M. Daw, 53. Z. Foot
F: 12. T. Bedford, 26. S. Weideman, 52. M. White
R: 46. A. Bradtke, 18. J. Melksham, 32. T. Sparrow
Inter: 68. G. Grey, 47. J. Munro, 19. F. Rosman, 34. D. Smith

Emerg: 73. J. Bell, 54. J. Briggs, 77. M. Shepherd, 76. R. Sparkes

In: Sparrow, Ellison
Out: B. Brown (AFL), Sparkes 

Prediction: Werribee by 6

Sunday, July 11, 11.05am @ Victoria University Whitten Oval (Kayo)

B: 32. W. Hayes, 2. L. Young, 24. B. Khamis
HB: 9. H. Crozier, 18. L. Butler, 37. R. Smith
C: 25. B. Cavarra, 3. M. Wallis, 20. E. Richards
HF: 26. D. Bedendo, 38. R. Garcia, 53. L. Sullivan
F: 30. L. McNeil, 13. J. Schache, 14. R. West
R: 41. J. Sweet, 27. P. Lipinski, 16. T. McLean
Inter: 77. C. Doultree, 51. N. Drummond, 52. J. Glass-McCasker, 65. N. Hamad, 57. J. Kellett, 67. E. Macpherson, 66. R. McComb, 63. T. Short, 70. B. Van de Heuvel

Emerg: 73. C. Craig-Peters, 69. J. Gilbee, 50. D. Orgill, 55. R. William

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Garcia, Kellett, Lipinski, McLean, Richards, Short, Wallis, Young
Out: J. Ugle-Hagan (AFL), C. Raak, William 

B: 22. N. Blakey, 2. K. Brand, 51. P. McCartin
HB: 35. B. O’Connor, 33. M. Sheather, 38. C. O’Riordan
C: 40. M. Carruthers, 15. S. Gray, 25. B. Ronke
HF: 20. S. Reid, 41. H. McLean, 8. J. Rowbottom
F: 32. J. Bell, 6. L. McDonald, 18. C. Sinclair
R: 60. L. McAndrew, 3. D. Stephens, 4. R. Clarke
Inter: A. Anderson, S. Clohesy, J. Guthrie, W. Mayhood, W. Papley, P. Roseby, R. van Huisstede, 45. S. Wicks, L. Young

Emerg: D. Chirgwin, F. Marris, C. Maxted, K. Skene

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Anderson, Blakey, Bell, Carruthers, Gray, Mayhood, McAndrew, P. McCartin, McDonald, O’Connor, W. Papley, Reid, Ronke, Roseby, Rowbottom, Sheather, van Huisstede, Wicks
Out: W. Gould (suspended), N. Cooper (Werribee), G. Bove, T. Boyd, J. Clarke, M. Keast, L. Taylor, T. Watts, S. Witherden

Prediction: Footscray by 40

Sunday, July 11, 12pm @ Swinburne Centre, Punt Rd Oval (Channel 7, 7Plus)

B: 53. G. McDonagh, 47. B. Nyuon, 51. S. Morris
HB: 43. D. Eggmolesse-Smith, 5. J. Ross, 44. S. Stack
C: 6. P. Naish, 22. J. Caddy, 45. H. Ralphsmith
HF: 38. N. Cumberland, 37. M. Parker, 36. W. Martyn
F: 49. M. Rioli, 42. R. Garthwaite, 17. D. Rioli
R: 32. S. Ryan, 27. T. Dow, 34. J. Graham
Inter: 68. M. Bartlett, 63. D. Cook, 66. B. Henderson, 52. A. Hicks, 56. J. McGrath, 54. B. Melville, 65. J. Nathan, 57. N. Oakes, 58. C. Olden, 67. J. Scanlon, 69. J. Sexton, 55. L. Street, 59. L. Wale-Buxton

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Caddy, Dow, Graham, Henderson, McDonagh, McGrath, Naish, Olden, Ross, Scanlon, Sexton, Wale-Buxton
Out: R. Mansell (AFL), W. Bravo, B. Miller 

B: 34. I. Chugg, 11. M. Keane, 9. J. Noble
HB: 28. N. Murphy, 43. A. Tohill, 12. T. Wilson
C: 1. J. Rantall, 17. C. Brown, 21. T. Ruscoe
HF: 32. W. Hoskin-Elliott, 20. W. Kelly, 36. B. Sier
F: 33. J. Ginnivan, 46. M. Cox, 35. O. Henry
R: 45. M. Lynch, 18. F. Macrae, 26. R. McInnes
Inter: 53. J. Booth, 60. S. Collins, 49. S. Fowler, 50. S. Glover, 59. L. Jenkins, 48. C. Lane, 52. K. Schreiber, 54. C. Stackelberg, 51. L. Tardrew, 56. I. Wallace, 47. C. Wellings

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Collins, Cox, Glover, Hoskin-Elliott, Jenkins, Macrae, McInnes, Murphy, Noble
Out: C. Hustwaite (hamstring), L. McMahon 

Prediction: Richmond by 1

Sunday, July 11, 12.05pm @ Fankhauser Reserve (Kayo)

B: 12. R. Clark, 8. S. Tape, 32. M. Gahan
HB: 19. T. Fields, 7. R. Davis, 14. B. Murdoch
C: 34. B. Gowers, 29. K. Boakye, 25. J. Joyce
HF: 17. M. Johnson, 16. C. Nutting, 4. M. Manteit
F: 5. A. Boston, 26. L. Webb, 36. B. Lynch
R: 22. J. Turner, 3. J. Dawson, 42. M. Selsby
Inter: 35. R. King, 20. T. Miller, 1. B. Scheer, 10. M. Willis

Emerg: 23. D. Charlesworth, 37. R. Gilmore, 27. J. Travaglini, 28. J. Williams 

In: Davis, Webb
Out: B. Crossley (ankle), M. Doran 

B: 39. C. Michael, 38. C. Ballenden, 41. D. Uosis
HB: 60. H. Arnold, 35. R. Lester, 20. J. Prior
C: 49. B. Reville, 36. R. Mathieson, 8. E. Smith
HF: 34. B. Coleman, 21. T. Fullarton, 26. C. McFadyen
F: 12. N. Cockatoo, 29. K. Lane, 56. W. Tasker
R: 44. A. Smith, 13. T. Berry, 32. T. Joyce
Inter: 48. T. Abberley, 50. S. Crozier, 19. H. Smith, 52. T. Triffett

Emerg: 54. W. Barry, 47. J. Briskey, 45. H. Fidler, 51. J. Langborne

*AFL emergencies underlined 

In: Cockatoo, Lester, Prior, E. Smith, H. Smith
Out: J. Berry (AFL), Briskey, Fidler, Langborne, B. Smith 

Prediction: Southport by 34

Sunday, July 11, 1pm @ Piranha Park, Coburg City Oval (Casey Radio 97.7FM, www.caseyradio.com.au, 12.30pm)

B: 2. J. Corigliano, 6. H. Nolan, 9. R. Sturgess
HB: 5. R. Exon, 15. J. Maibaum, 38. B. Jepson
C: 11. L. Bunker, 14. C. Ellis, 8. T. Silvestro
HF: 1. L. Nelson, 10. M. Podhajski, 24. C. Thompson
F: 31. A. Clarke, 12. P. McEvoy, 4. S. Lowson
R: 29. N. Mullenger-McHugh, 3. J. Ballard, 42. M. Lentini
Inter: 19. J. Baddeley-Kelly, 27. S. Binion, 17. N. Boucher, 13. B. Gillard

Emerg: 28. J. D’Intinosante, 32. J. Davies, 44. N. Howard, 23. J. McDonald

In: Baddeley-Kelly, Ballard, Binion
Out: L. Dickson (injured), T. McKenzie (shoulder), D. Cleary 

B: 2. Z. Hart, 23. D. Lawrence, 27. B. Silvagni
HB: 10. M. King, 20. M. EL Nour, 36. K. Quirk
C: 4. L. Mackie, 15. P. Ahern, 6. G. Strachan
HF: 24. N. Honey, 16. T. Smith, 3. J. Velissaris
F: 30. H. Kennedy, 26. J. Boyd, 5. W. Murphy
R: 40. D. Hughes, 11. T. Jones, 1. T. Wilson
Inter: 8. S. Brazier, 32. M. Gundry, 43. W. Mitchell, 41. J. Murphy

Emerg: 17. R. Gardner, 25. B. Hurley, 14. H. Kerbatieh, 22. O. Manton


Prediction: Coburg by 21

Sunday, July 11, 2pm @ Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Road Oval (www.youtube.com, search VFL)

B: 61. T. Milne, 38. O. Clavarino, 50. A. Seaton
HB: 30. M. Allison, 24. J. Frawley, 74. O. Lewis
C: 55. D. Coffield, 23. J. Bytel, 57. J. McHale
HF: 13. J. Lonie, 45. S. Alabakis, 49. C. Sharman
F: 69. C. Henness, 65. C. Carey, 86. D. Hipwell
R: 41. P. Hunter, 63. G. Lok, 62. M. Riordan
Inter: 56. F. Bayne, 75. S. Dunell, 10. D. Hannebery, 53. R. Virtue

Emerg: 51. N. Bufalo, 54. J. Gasparini, 39. D. Joyce, 25. D. Kent

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Bytel, Frawley, Hannebery
Out: Joyce, Kent (AFL emergencies), Frampton 

B: 38. C. Brand, 30. B. Zerk-Thatcher, 75. M. Simpson
HB: 79. B. Morgan, 32. J. Eyre, 54. D. Thompson
C: 42. S. Durham, 33. B. Ham, 52. J. Hickman
HF: 49. T. Hird, 51. S. McLarty, 55. D. Younan
F: 28. E. Cahill, 41. C. McBride, 36. L. Johnson
R: 24. N. Bryan, 37. D. Clarke, 63. N. O’Kearney
Inter: 60. J. Atley, 77. K. Dunkley, 58. J. Hobbs

Emerg: 62. J. Evans, 61. S. Graham, 66. F. Robertson

*AFL extended interchange underlined

In: Brand, Ham, Hobbs, McLarty, Morgan
Out: M. Gleeson (AFL), Z. Reid (back), D. Zaharakis (soreness), S. Conforti, J. Smithson 

Prediction: Sandringham by 23 

BYE: Aspley, Box Hill Hawks, Carlton, Northern Melbourne

Brendan Rhodes’ winners: Last Week: 6. Season: 62.