AFTER only just scoring a touch over 2000 this week, Roy feels like he is under as much pressure as David Teague due to missing the Bacon Cup Classic finals for the first time.

The coach of destROY was let down by quite a few players. New recruits Shai Bolton and Matthew Kennedy scored 44 and 43 respectively but it was Zach Merrett and his 64 that put an end to Roy’s season. The Bomber has been fantastic this season and quite rightfully a captain option but in the round Roy needed a good score he posted his worst score of the year.

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On the latest episode of The Traders’ podcast, Roy shares his horror round but it doesn’t stop him from dishing out some trade advice, especially for those with Scott Pendlebury.

The Pies’ skipper will miss the rest of the season and is currently the most traded out players.

The Traders chat through a range of options and scenarios ahead of the first week of Fantasy finals in another fun episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this episode …

1:15 - Warnie top scored for the round.

5:30 - Zach Merrett leads Roy's rabble of a team to get his -3.

9:00 - Calvin has a new philosophy when picking his captain.

10:15 - Scott Pendlebury will miss the rest of the season.

13:00 - After being in doubt last week, Josh Kelly and Sean Darcy produced good scores.

15:50 - Rowan Marshall is the only value pick recommended for Pendles.

18:00 - The most popular traded in player this week is Lachie Whitfield.

23:45 - Are Tarryn Thomas or Jaidyn Stephenson options?

27:30 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy Facebook page.

30:15 - The moment Roy officially checks out.

36:30 - Should Fantasy Classic have a TOG% option where a bench player can cover someone who is injured early in the game?

42:00 - Who do you bring in out of Patrick Dangerfield or Brodie Grundy?

48:40 - Is Sean Darcy a hold or a trade based on his ongoing knee issues?

51:30 - Who goes first out of Dan Houston and Nick Hind?

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The Traders' round 19 Fantasy wrap

It was a tough week for Roy while Calvin and Warnie try to work out what they do with Pendles

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