IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards join all the dots on football's big issues.


- Bevo's boxing ban comments: He doesn't like being told what to do
- The the issue out of the week: Protecting the head with boxing but not with the MRO
- The Official AFL Player Ratings: Three players from one club in the top six
- Outraged that someone thinks there is a better player than Marcus Bontempelli
- Melbourne's form in the spotlight
- On this day 10 years ago the Demons were thrashed by 186 points

In this episode ...

0:30 – Bevo takes on the AFL

1:47 – The League’s response to the Mitch Lewis boxing incident

2:34 – The boxing protocols aren't in line with the Tribunal's soft stance on head contact

4:00 – Why the AFL's crackdown on boxing incidents is the correct response 

7:27 – Nic Naitanui’s ranking as Champion Data’s best player comes as a surprise

9:25 – The stats behind Nic Nat’s rise

11:00 – Which ruck combination will the Therabody AFL All-Australian selectors decide

11:50 – The 10 year anniversary of Melbourne’s darkest day

13:27 – The Demons' scoring woes