LEGENDARY Port Melbourne coach Gary Ayres looks set to depart the club at the end of the season.

On the same day the AFL's longest-serving coach Alistair Clarkson announced his early departure from Hawthorn, Port Melbourne released a statement late in the afternoon saying the VFL’s longest-serving mentor would depart after 13 years.

Ayres, 60, has coached Port Melbourne in 253 matches since 2008 for an impressive 163-88-2 record and has missed the finals just once before this year’s stunning fall to the bottom of the VFL ladder.

Borough president Michael Shulman and football director Adrian Bonaddio said in the statement the club had been undergoing a full review of its football operations and had decided to advertise the coaching position as part of launching a new five-year strategic plan to "reinvigorate and renew our operation from top to bottom, to ensure we remain the benchmark performer in the current men's and women's competitions."

Gary Ayres and Toby Pinwill hold up the 2017 VFL cup. Picture: AFL Photos

They acknowledged the dual premiership coach's achievements at North Port Oval and said a sub-committee was being established to take the club forward.

"A key component of this process is to ensure we have the right people in the right roles to implement this strategy," the statement said.

"Gary's succession has been discussed with him over a number of years (and) we acknowledge the extremely valuable contribution he has made to our club over a long period of time and look forward to supporting him and our men’s team as he coaches the remainder of the season.

"(The sub-committee) will be charged with the head coach selection process and overseeing the development of the 3-5 year football department strategy in conjunction with the head coach – the committee will be led by our CEO Paul Malcolm and include past players."

Ayres' hopes of lifting Port Melbourne off the bottom of the ladder received a boost with star utility Harvey Hooper, leading goalkicker Matt Signorello and Liam McKenna named to return from injury for Saturday's clash with North Melbourne at Arden St.

Port Melbourne players celebrate a Matthew Signorello goal. Picture: AFL Photos

Former Kangaroos Declan Watson has been omitted along with Perry Lewis-Smith and Felix Flockhart, while Isaac Conway, who was left out of the last-start 95-point hiding from Frankston, now has a knee injury and won’t return.

North Melbourne suffered a blow of its own with captain Flynn Appleby (wrist) and forward Mat Walker (shoulder) ruled out for the season, with the Kangaroos making 11 changes to the team that pushed Footscray in Round 12.

AFL players Shaun Atley, Aiden Bonar, Kyron Hayden and Will Walker have been named, while key forward Charlie Comben and mid-season No.1 draft pick Jake Edwards will debut alongside Tyler Roos and Ben Speight.

Jed Anderson, Jared Polec and Atu Bosenavulagi have been promoted since Norther last played at VFL level.

GWS is the club to provide the most assistance to rival teams this week, loaning ruckman Kieren Briggs to Sydney, Matt Buntine, Jake Riccardi and Jake Stein to Brisbane Lions and five VFL-listed players including Josh Green to Essendon.

The Bombers also have received loan players from Gold Coast (Max Pescud) and Southport (Matt Doran), while NTFL legend Cam Ilett will play his second game in a row.

In return, they have gained permission to allow ruckman Andrew Phillips, who was left in Melbourne earlier this month, to have a run for former club Carlton against Sandringham on Saturday.

Andrew Phillips in action against Richmond, round 12, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

The VFL has a rule in place (below) that allows for players to be loaned between clubs to allow a full team of 22 to be selected when exceptional circumstances don’t allow that to happen.

  1. VFL Top Up Players
    If at any time a VFL Club’s Senior list of players becomes insufficient for that Club to select its Senior team, and the Competitions Manager is satisfied that the lack of availability of players is caused by reason of illness, injury or other exceptional reasons, the Competitions Manager may in respect of any given round of VFL matches, allow the affected Club to temporarily draw upon non-listed players over 18 years of age, to be called "VFL Top Up Players", to be registered and to play for that Club for one week only. Payment for such players can be determined by the VFL Club and must be included in the VFL Club’s salary cap.

Casey Demons have been racked by omissions for its top-four showdown with Footscray at Casey Fields, with Sam Weideman, Jake Melksham, Jake Bowey, Tom Sparrow, Majak Daw, Aaron vandenBerg and Kade Chandler all out of the team among nine changes.

Melbourne champion Nathan Jones and youngster Deakyn Smith are the only listed players to come in, with former captain Jack Hutchins, Tom Freeman and Cory Stockdale among those earning a recall.

Footscray, meanwhile, has been boosted by the return of Liam Vandermeer from injury, plus Mitch Wallis, Lewis Young, Lachie McNeil and Reuben William, while losing Josh Schache, Roarke Smith, Louis Butler and the luckless Toby McLean (knee reconstruction).

Mitch Wallis enjoys a Bulldogs goal. Picture: AFL Photos

Southport regained Fraser Thurlow and Josh Williams for its clash with Gold Coast, with the Suns naming X-factor Izak Rankine alongside Liston medallist Jacob Townsend, Sam Day, Will Brodie, Rory Atkins and Caleb Graham, while Joel Jeffrey's nine goals last week earned him an AFL debut, promoted alongside Zac Smith, Darcy MacPherson and Jy Farrar.

Werribee has handed a VFL debut to Geelong Falcons young gun Noah Gribble, the brother of reigning Liston medallist Tom, for its must-win clash against the Northern Bullants at Preston City Oval.

Dan Nielson, Ryan Pendlebury, Ariek Lual and Logan Wagener also come in after coach Michael Barlow made a statement from the bad loss to Casey by dropping full-back Nathan Cooper despite centre half-back Nick Coughlan being out with a quad injury.

Paul Ahern, a late withdrawal from the Bullants’ win over Coburg, returns to the team for his replacement Oskar Manton.

Frankston rewarded the 22 who thrashed Port Melbourne by naming an unchanged team for the first time this season for its crucial game against Richmond on Sunday, with the Tigers being able to select Callum Coleman-Jones, Riley Collier-Dawkins, Thomson Dow, Ben Miller and Jack Ross as they aim to keep their faint finals hopes alive.

Callum Coleman-Jones takes a strong mark against Sandringham in round one of the VFL season. Picture: AFL Photos

Williamstown is unchanged for its trip to Coburg, with the Lions regaining Josh D’Intinosante, Tom McKenzie and Jackson Davies, but losing Ryan Sturgess (quad), Braeden Gillard and Jhye Baddeley-Kelly.

Aspley regains Jack Rolls among two changes for its game against Essendon, with the Bombers naming Cale Hooker, David Zaharakis, Matt Guelfi and Cian McBride to line up at Graham Road.

Carlton has called in the cavalry as it attempts to end Sandringham’s finals hopes, with Mitch McGovern named to return from a hamstring injury alongside Marc Murphy, Matt Cottrell, Lachie Fogarty, Sam Petrevski-Seaton and Phillips, with Lochie O’Brien the only AFL player out.

The Zebras have been boosted by Nick Coffield and Shaun McKernan among four changes.

Collingwood has included Will Kelly, Liam McMahon, Caleb Poulter, Nathan Murphy and captain Campbell Hustwaite to take on Box Hill Hawks, who have called in Jon Ceglar, Jai Newcombe, Damon Greaeves, Oliver Hanrahan, Finn Maginness and Harry Morrison.

Jai Newcombe in action for Box Hill Hawks in round five, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

Brisbane Lions will need the three Giants mentioned above, with Connor Ballenden, Nakia Cockatoo, Keidean Coleman and Jaxon Prior into the AFL team and Rhys Mathieson, Tom Berry, Connor McFadyen and Tom Joyce also out to face Sydney on Saturday.

Chad Warner returns for the Swans alongside Braeden Campbell, Colin O’Riordan, Lewis Taylor, Will Gould and Lewis Melican, with Sam Reid the only listed player out of the team that pushed Footscray in their last match.

Saturday, July 31, 10.30am @ Metricon Stadium Training Oval (www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 10.25am)

B: 5. J. Harbrow, 42. P. Murtagh, 58. J. Johnston
HB: 43. J. McLennan, 46. C. Graham, 45. L. Towey
C: 2. R. Atkins, 7. W. Brodie, 31. J. Murdoch
HF: 47. H. Oea, 56. J. Foggo, 22. I. Rankine
F: 52. B. Reeves, 12. S. Day, 21. J. Townsend
R: 49. E. Moyle, 36. E. Hollands, 30. A. Davies
Inter: 60. W. Bella, 33. A. Fyfe, 41. M. Rosas, 57. B. Uwland

Emerg: 54. F. Brown, 53. A. Harris, 51. M. Pescud, 55. S. Walsh

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Atkins, Brodie, Day, Graham, Rankine, Townsend
Out: J. Farrar, J. Jeffrey, D. MacPherson, Z. Smith (AFL), Brown, Harris

B: 23. D. Charlesworth, 8. S. Tape, 12. R. Clark
HB: 14. B. Murdoch, 19. T. Fields, 10. M. Willis
C: 34. B. Gowers, 29. K. Boakye, 25. J. Joyce
HF: 17. M. Johnson, 16. C. Nutting, 4. M. Manteit
F: 5. A. Boston, 26. L. Webb, 28. J. Williams
R: 24. B. Crossley, 3. J. Dawson, 1. B. Scheer
Inter: 30. J. Hall, 36. B. Lynch, 42. M. Selsby, 15. F. Thurlow

Emerg: 41. C. Joyce, 40. C. Lang, 27. J. Travaglini, 22. J. Turner

In: D. Charlesworth, F. Thurlow, J. Williams
Out: T. Miller (neck), R. King, M. Gahan (suspended) 

Prediction: Southport by 20

Saturday, July 31, 12pm @ Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Oval (www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 11.55am)

B: 1. N. Coffield, 38. O. Clavarino, 61. T. Milne
HB: 30. M. Allison, 24. J. Frawley, 39. D. Joyce
C: 56. F. Bayne, 23. J. Bytel, 57. J. McHale
HF: 75. S. Dunell, 69. C. Henness, 63. G. Lok
F: 65. C. Carey, 49. C. Sharman, 13. J. Lonie
R: 45. S. Alabakis, 10. D. Hannebery, 86. D. Hipwell
Inter: 54. J. Gasparini, 74. O. Lewis, 27. S. McKernan, 53. R. Virtue

Emerg: 51. N. Bufalo, 84. T. Dennis-Lane, 82. D. Frampton, 52. J. Hille

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Alabakis, Coffield, McKernan, Virtue
Out: P. Hunter (AFL), J. Battle (ankle), M. Riordan (foot), A. Seaton (hamstring)

B: 71. S. Radovanovic, 26. L. Parks, 33. S. Ramsay
HB: 53. A. Cincotta, 17. B. Kemp, 50. R. Stoddart
C: 46. M. Cottrell, 8. L. Fogarty, 3. M. Murphy
HF: 11. M. McGovern, 55. T. Wooller, 52. J. Parsons
F: 29. C. Durdin, 62. B. Crocker, 75. D. Handley
R: 73. A. Phillips, 5. S. Petrevski-Seton, 16. J. Carroll
Inter: 78. Z. Maher, 51. T. North, 54. F. Phillips, 64. C. Stephens

Emerg: 63. Z. Barzen, 57. C. Hirst, 79. D. Marshall, 80. M. Shannon

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Phillips (Essendon), Cincotta, Cottrell, Fogarty, Maher, McGovern, Murphy, Petrevski-Seton, Phillips
Out: O’Brien (AFL), Bond, Caluzzi, Goetz, Hirst, Honey, Marshall, Shannon, Trudgeon 

Prediction: Sandringham by 6 

Saturday, July 31, 12pm @ Arden St (www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 11.55am)

B: 64. L. Cunningham, 81. H. Murphy, 37. K. Hayden
HB: 34. C. Ham, 16. A. Bonar, 52. J. Heron
C: 33. P. Walker, 56. K. Answerth, 17. L. Young
HF: 31. C. Menadue, 30. C. Comben, 70. B. Speight
F: 53. C. Byrne, 32. J. Edwards, 85. H. Dick
R: 63. M. Baker, 57. H. Jones, 27. W. Walker
Inter: 18. S. Atley, 42. T. Campbell, 35. C. Lazzaro, 54. T. Roos, 36. P. Spicer

Emerg: 60. C. Brown

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Atley, Bonar, Comben, Cunningham, Edwards, Hayden, Murphy, Roos, Speight, Spicer, W. Walker
Out: J. Anderson, A. Bosenavulagi, J. Polec (AFL), F. Appleby (wrist), A. Hare, S. Clifford, T. Donnelly, A. Polidoros, E. Reardon, J. Watkins

B: 6. F. Roberts, 34. K. Reid, 16. C. Searle
HB: 11. C. Jansen, 30. E. Phillips, 22. L. McKenna
C: 14. N. Holmes, 4. T. O'Sullivan, 37. H. Hooper
HF: 42. M. Kane, 15. P. Kerr, 29. C. Walker
F: 19. A. Anastasio, 17. M. Signorello, 18. M. Wooffindin
R: 36. J. Hotchkin, 3. E. Templeton, 13. C. Wagner
Inter: 10. M. Arnot, 9. C. Hodges, 21. B. Jolley, 38. J. O'Sullivan

Emerg: 27. L. Delahunty, 12. D. Koenen, 28. J. May, 20. D. Watson 

In: Hooper, McKenna, Signorello
Out: F. Flockart, P. Lewis-Smith, D. Watson 

Prediction: North Melbourne by 15

Saturday, July 31, 12.05pm @ Holden Centre (Kayo Freebies, 12pm; 3WBC Radio 94.1, www.3wbc.org.au, 12pm)

B: 34. I. Chugg, 43. A. Tohill, 12. T. Wilson
HB: 20. W. Kelly, 11. M. Keane, 28. N. Murphy
C: 48. C. Lane, 45. C. Hustwaite, 27. C. Poulter
HF: 53. J. Booth, 1. J. Rantall, 47. C. Wellings
F: 49. S. Fowler, 46. M. Cox, 29. L. McMahon
R: 15. M. Lynch, 36. B. Sier, 26. R. McInnes
Inter: 50. S. Glover, 54. C. Stackelberg, 51. L. Tardrew, 56. I. Wallace

Emerg: 59. P. Dowling, 64. M. Kennedy, 61. C. Maxted, 57. L. McDonnell

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Hustwaite, Kelly, McMahon, Murphy, Poulter
Out: J. Ginnivan, F. Macrae (AFL), J. Clarke, S. Collins, L. Jenkins

B: 32. F. Maginness, 27. M. Hartley, 35. J. Morris
HB: 30. D. Greaves, 23. T. O'Brien, 50. D. Mascitti
C: 42. T. Brockman, 44. J. Newcombe, 1. H. Morrison
HF: 40. S. Mitchell, 34. J. Koschitzke, 43. J. Saunders
F: 45. J. Callow, 18. J. Ceglar, 39. E. Jeka
R: 31. K. Brooksby, 13. O. Hanrahan, 11. C. Nash
Inter: 51. V. Adduci, 53. H. Beasley, 67. J. Blanck, 65. J. Cunico, 66. M. DeWit, 41. C. Downie, 56. F. Greene, 62. S. Horner, 61. B. Kilpatrick, 59. T. Mynott, 33. H. Pepper, 60. E. Phillips, 55. C. Porter

*AFL extended interchange underlined 

In: Blanck, Ceglar, Cunico, DeWit, Greaves, Hanrahan, Koschitzke, Maginness, Morrison, Nash, Newcombe, O’Brien
Out: N. Reeves (AFL), J. Cousins (hamstring), C. Beasley 

Prediction: Box Hill Hawks by 4

Saturday, July 31, 12.30pm @ Graham Road (www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 12.25pm)

B: 18. J. Arnold, 32. M. Crawley, 34. I. Corvo
HB: 41. J. Craven, 25. J. Nelis, 24. L. Dawson
C: 9. J. Allison, 4. R. Bastinac, 19. D. Smith
HF: 43. L. O'Sullivan, 17. J. Freeman, 8. M. Payne
F: 14. J. Rolls, 11. M. Hammelmann, 10. C. Stackelberg
R: 20. M. Eagles, 7. C. Lyons, 1. W. Gowers
Inter: 26. R. Banks-Smith, 16. J. Giles, 2. J. Hayden, 22. T. Templeton

Emerg: 28. J. Lipscombe, 5. B. Warren, E. Wasley-Black

In: Crawley, Rolls
Out: T. Jeffrey (hand), Lipscombe

B: 76. L. Johnson, 70. B. Zerk-Thatcher, M. Doran
HB: 46. S. Frost, 38. C. Brand, 59. M. Gleeson
C: 62. T. Hird, 67. C. Ilett, 71. F. Kelly
HF: 57. E. Cahill, 79. J. Eyre, 45. A. Waterman
F: 56. H. Grintell, 26. C. Hooker, 41. C. McBride
R: 44. N. Bryan, 11. D. Zaharakis, 35. M. Guelfi
Inter: 58. J. Green, 13. E. Hunt, 50. M. Monaghan, 52. M. Pescud

*AFL emergencies underlined

In: Frost, Green, Grintell, Kelly, Monaghan (GWS), Pescud (Gold Coast), Doran (Southport), Guelfi, McBride, Hooker, Zaharakis
Out: Clarke, Francis (AFL), McCartin, Roseby, van Huisstede (Syd), Hofert (GC, shoulder), Ankers, Burgess, Cornish, Emery, Rance 

Prediction: Essendon by 8 

Saturday, July 31, 1.05pm @ Casey Fields (Kayo Freebies, 1pm)

B: 34. D. Smith, 60. J. Hutchins, 42. D. Turner
HB: 41. J. Lockhart, 46. A. Bradtke, 49. C. Stockdale
C: 33. O. Baker, 39. N. Jetta, 40. K. Declase
HF: 12. T. Bedford, 52. M. White, 53. Z. Foot
F: 16. B. Laurie, 79. C. Ellison, 19. F. Rosman
R: 73. J. Bell, 2. N. Jones, 47. J. Munro
Inter: 54. J. Briggs, 67. T. Freeman, 68. G. Grey, 76. R. Sparkes

Emerg: 65. A. Courtney, 63. M. Lewis, 62. T. McCaffrey, 77. M. Shepherd

*AFL emergencies not selected

In: Bell, Briggs, Freeman, Hutchins, Jones, Laurie, Smith, Sparkes, Stockdale
Out: J. Bowey, J. Melksham, T. Sparrow, S. Weideman (AFL), J. Smith (ankle), K. Chandler, M. Daw, Shepherd, A. vandenBerg

B: 32. W. Hayes, 2. L. Young, 24. B. Khamis
HB: 9. H. Crozier, 52. J. Glass-McCasker, 63. T. Short
C: 25. B. Cavarra, 3. M. Wallis, 66. R. McComb
HF: 26. D. Bedendo, 70. B. Van de Heuvel, 53. L. Sullivan
F: 30. L. McNeil, 23. L. Vandermeer, 14. R. West
R: 41. J. Sweet, 27. P. Lipinski, 51. N. Drummond
Inter: 57. J. Kellett, 67. E. Macpherson, 50. D. Orgill, 54. R. William

Emerg: 73. C. Craig-Peters, 77. C. Doultree, 62. A. Hodge, 61. L. Nash

*AFL emergencies underlined 

In: McNeil, Orgill, Vandermeer, Wallis, William, Young
Out: J. Schache, R. Smith (AFL), L. Butler (calf), T. McLean (knee), Doultree, N. Hamad 

Prediction: Footscray by 10 

Saturday, July 31, 1.30pm @ South Pine Sports Complex (www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 1.25pm)

B: 53. M. Buntine, 60. H. Arnold, 1. B. Smith
HB: 48. T. Abberley, 47. J. Briskey, 39. C. Michael
C: 50. S. Crozier, 52. T. Triffett, 49. B. Reville
HF: 58. C. Bowes, 57. J. Riccardi, 34. B. Coleman
F: 59. J. Stein, 19. H. Smith, 56. W. Tasker
R: 44. A. Smith, 28. C. Ellis-Yolmen, 8. E. Smith
Inter: 54. W. Barry, 45. K. Lane, 51. J. Langborne, 41. D. Uosis

Emerg: 43. C. Bulley, 55. L. Harrop, 22. D. Lanthois, 24. M. Nelson

*AFL extended interchange (GWS) underlined

In: Buntine, Riccardi, Stein (GWS), Barry, Bowes, Briskey, Langborne, Tasker
Out: Ballenden, N. Cockatoo, K. Coleman, Prior (AFL), T. Berry, T. Joyce, R. Mathieson, C. McFadyen

B: 43. L. Melican, 35. B. O'Connor, 38. C. O'Riordan
HB: 2. K. Brand, 54. R. van Huisstede, 17. W. Gould
C: 40. M. Carruthers, 3. D. Stephens, 1. C. Warner
HF: 16. B. Campbell, 41. H. McLean, 60. L. McAndrew
F: 25. B. Ronke, 6. L. McDonald, 33. M. Sheather
R: 18. C. Sinclair, 28. L. Taylor, 4. R. Clarke
Inter: K. Briggs, 15. S. Gray, 51. P. McCartin, 8. J. Rowbottom

Emerg: R. Angwin, P. Roseby

*AFL emergencies underlined 

In: Briggs (GWS), Campbell, Gould, Melican, O’Riordan, Taylor, Warner,
Out: S. Reid (AFL), J. Guthrie (Coburg), L. Young (NM), A. Anderson, S. Clohesy, W. Mayhood, Roseby 

Prediction: Sydney by 33 

Saturday, July 31, 2pm @ Preston City Oval (www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 1.55pm)

B: 36. K. Quirk, 23. D. Lawrence, 27. B. Silvagni
HB: 32. M. Gundry, 20. M. El Nour, 10. M. King
C: 4. L. Mackie, 11. T. Jones, 6. G. Strachan
HF: 15. P. Ahern, 16. T. Smith, 30. H. Kennedy
F: 5. W. Murphy, 26. J. Boyd, 3. J. Velissaris
R: 40. D. Hughes, 1. T. Wilson, 43. W. Mitchell
Inter: 9. S. Brazier, 2. Z. Hart, 24. N. Honey, 41. J. Murphy

Emerg: 17. R. Gardner, 25. B. Hurley, 7. D. Stone, 33. C. Wild

In: Ahern
Out: Manton

B: 3. M. Sodomaco, 9. R. Pendlebury, 2. M. Spencer
HB: 22. B. Malual, 27. J. Clark, 21. L. Pinnuck
C: 13. K. Gray, 11. M. Hanson, 6. S. Mannagh
HF: 4. T. Gribble, 7. N. Hayes, 37. L. Wagener
F: 1. W. Buzza, 38. H. Garoni, 26. D. Nielson
R: 16. M. Lobbe, 29. D. Brew, 8. J. Henderson
Inter: 47. N. Gribble, 12. A. Lual, 10. J. Maishman, 45. C. Thar

Emerg: 17. M. Augerinos, 18. N. Cooper, 25. A. Johnson, 14. R. Kemp 

In: N. Gribble, Lual, Nielson, Pendlebury, Wagener
Out: N. Coughlan (quad), Augerinos, Cooper, Kemp, H. White 

Prediction: Werribee by 27 

Sunday, August 1, 2pm @ Piranha Park (Casey Radio 97.7FM, www.caseyradio.com.au, 1.30pm; www.youtube.com.au, search VFL, 1.55pm)

B: 2. J. Corigliano, 6. H. Nolan, 20. T. McKenzie
HB: 5. R. Exon, 15. J. Maibaum, 38. B. Jepson
C: 42. M. Lentini, 14. C. Ellis, 8. T. Silvestro
HF: 4. S. Lowson, 12. P. McEvoy, 1. L. Nelson
F: 10. M. Podhajski, 31. A. Clarke, 24. C. Thompson
R: 29. N. Mullenger-McHugh, 3. J. Ballard, 11. L. Bunker
Inter: 27. S. Binion, 17. N. Boucher, 28. J. D'Intinosante, 32. J. Davies

Emerg: 7. L. Dickson, 13. B. Gillard, 44. N. Howard, 16. A. Tsialtas

In: Davies, D’Intinosante, McKenzie
Out: R. Sturgess (quad), J. Baddeley-Kelly, Gillard

B: 18. J. Greiser, 29. H. Macreadie, 39. J. Toner
HB: 35. C. Dean, 25. T. Miles, 23. C. Polson
C: 32. D. Andrews, 8. N. Mellington, 9. A. Marcon
HF: 1. L. Meadows, 4. B. Myers, 34. M. Mellis
F: 36. D. Henderson, 16. N. Rodda, 3. C. Rich
R: 11. T. Downie, 6. L. Hunt, 2. M. Hibberd
Inter: 14. J. Gallucci, 28. N. Gown, 12. J. Leslie, 22. J. Pickess

Emerg: 19. H. Bertoli-Simmonds, 20. J. Ottavi, 7. N. Sing, 33. L. Stapleton 


Prediction: Williamstown by 29

Sunday, August 1, 2.05pm @ Skybus Stadium (RPPFM 98.7, www.rppfm.com.au, 1.30pm; Kayo Freebies, 2pm)

B: 11. A. Brolic, 39. H. Loughnan, 13. A. Styles
HB: 25. J. Lloyd, 14. L. Hiscock, 4. M. Williams
C: 26. W. Arthurson, 2. J. Newman, 21. M. Cox
HF: 12. A. Krakauer, 17. B. Lambert, 22. C. Riley
F: 3. J. Mentha, 27. T. Young, 42. J. Stern
R: 23. J. Berry, 9. N. Freeman, 1. J. Begley
Inter: 31. W. Mackay, 28. B. McLaughlin, 16. J. Rendell, 43. J. Voss

Emerg: 33. T. Barlow, 35. R. D'Arcy, 29. J. Florent, 5. K. Owens


B: 47. B. Nyuon, 46. B. Miller, 44. S. Stack
HB: 43. D. Eggmolesse-Smith, 51. S. Morris, 53. G. McDonagh
C: 6. P. Naish, 22. J. Caddy, 5. J. Ross
HF: 45. H. Ralphsmith, 16. J. Aarts, 49. M. Rioli
F: 26. R. Collier-Dawkins, 40. C. Coleman-Jones, 38. N. Cumberland
R: 32. S. Ryan, 27. T. Dow, 36. W. Martyn
Inter: 68. M. Bartlett, 11. J. Castagna, 63. D. Cook, 66. B. Henderson, 52. A. Hicks, 56. R. Loton, 69. J. McGrath, 65. J. Nathan, 57. N. Oakes, 58. C. Olden, 72. J. Scanlon, 55. L. Street

*AFL extended interchange underlined 

In: Aarts, Castagna, Coleman-Jones, Collier-Dawkins, Dow, Loton, Miller, Olden Ross, Stack
Out: M. Parker (AFL), B. Melville (knee), L. Wale-Buxton

Prediction: Frankston by 1 

BYE: Geelong, GWS

Brendan Rhodes’ winners: Last Round: 2. Season: 69.

Twitter: @BRhodesVFL

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