IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after a massive round of football.


- All the fallout from West Coast and Brisbane's losses
- Adam Simpson has to own this slump: That performance was humiliating
- The race for the eight: They are limping to the line
- What's next for Clarko? He's still the master

In this episode ...

0:31 – The Lions' form unpacked

2:19 –Eric Hipwood’s absence is being felt

4:06 – West Coast’s 'humiliating' loss

8:09 – 'No one wants that last spot in the eight'. Do we need a top six finals system?

9:53 – Carlton's resurrection

12:51 – Should Clarko remain with the Hawks for the last three weeks of the season?

14:51 – 'Disgraceful… embarrassing': Why Hawthorn fans are so unhappy

16:56 – The board and Jeff Kennett have to answer to the fans

19:02 – Fixturing mayhem