IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Riley Beveridge join all the dots on football's big issues.


- If you win a Grand Final, should every player on the list get a premiership medal? 
- Luke Beveridge's tactic of digging into the Dogs' list 'keeps everyone on their toes'
- What's happened to the Showdown spark? They used to be must-watch 
- The Jack Viney decision unpacked
- Melbourne's forward line and the impact of Tom McDonald's injury - there's opportunity here

In this episode ...

0:43 – The 'old school' argument against rewarding non-playing list members with a premiership medal

3:23 – Many overseas sports reward the entire squad

4:25 – The Bulldogs' depth and Bevo's tactic

6:33 – How many players have other clubs used this season?

8:15 – Recent one-sided Showdown matches

10:27 – Are rivalries dead?

12:08 – The self-preserving tactic of a side on a losing streak

13:16 – Should Tom McDonald be given a week off?

15:19 – Jack Viney's suspension unpacked