IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards join all the dots on football's big issues.


- What is happening with the pre-finals bye? There's a genuine push to scrap it
- 43 days exactly until the Toyota AFL Grand Final is scheduled … will this date stay as is? 
- Why North is poised to be the best 'wooden spoon' team in 21 years
- Winning Clarko creating chaos for Hawks fans
- The two finals-like games of the round
- What we all want is AFLW footballers to become full-time … this is what they deserve

In this episode ...

0:46 – What will the AFL do with the pre-finals bye?

2:50 – The AFL's relationship with state governments

4:43 – There may be some finals in Victoria with no crowds

6:22 – Clubs to rest players this week and probably next in preparation of the scrapped finals bye

8:43 – North Melbourne may be the best wooden spooners of the century

11:54 – Hawthorn's resurgent form riles their own fans

13:51 – AFLW becomes whole

17:45 – The AFLW's growth has been organic, not contrived

19:02 – GWS v Richmond unpacked

20:03 – A 'spicy' Western Derby coming