YOUR favourite footy podcast AFL Exchange is back tonight from 6.10pm AEST with gun reporters Riley Beveridge, Mitch Cleary and Cal Twomey.

And joining the team, we have a special guest who we're keeping under wraps (just planting a seed here).

On the menu tonight:   

- Who will fifth and sixth least want to play in the elimination finals?
- The most memorable weather-event games
- How do the Cats cover Tom Stewart? 
- What were the selection decisions on the weekend that had you thinking trades? 
- What would be the AFL's equivalent of the Field of Dreams game? 

Viewers can WATCH or listen to the LIVE stream of AFL Exchange on and the AFL Live Official App from 6.10pm-7pm AEST.

Listeners and watchers will be able to contribute to the show throughout as AFL Exchange goes LIVE.

The podcast will be available after the show records on all podcast platforms, while you will be able to watch a replay of the program on AFL On Demand.

The show will also be broadcast via SEN in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide from 10pm local time on Monday nights.

AFL Exchange is an entertaining take on the football world, with all the latest footy news, updates and analysis from within the industry plus a look at the lighter side of the game's culture.     

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