AND THAT'S a wrap!

What a season it’s been with the highest of highs like Jordan De Goey’s second half of the year and the lowest of lows like Jordan De Goey’s first half of the year. Speaking of highs and lows, we speak to Cameron who spent the last 11 weeks in the top hundred before falling to 101 place and missing out on a cap … at first that sounds like a low, but the boys are quick to turn it into a season highlight!

The boys have a great chat with the winner of the No.8 cap, who also happens to be a West Coast youngster who played on the weekend. How many times has someone won a hat in the same season they have used themselves as a cash cow?! It’s a great story.

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It's not a season without awards and the boys have multiple presentations to make which include chats with Fantasy royalty Touk Miller and Jack Steele who are joint winners of the coveted Dane Swan Medal for the greatest Fantasy player in the land.

The Traders have finished the year in top form, arguably rolling out their best podcast of the year to ensure the season finishes on a high. Enjoy the break legends, pre-season is just around the corner.

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In this episode …

2:45 - Roy is celebrating his Draft Grand Final win

5:30 - Jordan Dawson with 158 was the top scorer of the round

8:30 - Warnie grabs the phone to talk through the underperformers of the round including his new selection Darcy Parish

11:20 - Just a handful of players stayed in the boys' teams from round one

16:50 - The top three teams overall were within 11 points in the race for the Toyota HiLux valued at $60,000

19:40 - West Coast defender, who finished 8th overall, joins the show after playing on the weekend!

26:30 - Cameron, coach of The Plus6 Sense, finished 101 and Calvin has a special award for him!

32:30 - The Dane Swan Medal was a joint award for the first time with Jack Steele and Touk Miller sharing the award 

37:30 - Miller joined the boys to chat about his season

42:00 - Steele discussed his epic 2021

50:00 - We relive the best cash cows of the year as James Jordon wins the Michael Barlow Medal

55:30 - Aaron Hall is the mid-priced player of the year.

1:00:45 - The Fantasy journo of the year was's own Mitch Cleary

1:06:00 - Cal's Pirate Joke of the Year is awarded

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