IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, Damian Barrett and our gun journalist from the west, Nathan Schmook, join all the dots on football's big issues.


- Patrick Dangerfield is the 'compelling story' of this finals series
- Geelong's mantra of always contending: Ultimately it only gets them so far
- A sense of pride in Perth to be able to showcase the new stadium
- Lions v Bulldogs: Let’s see who really did deserve the top-four spot?
- Why Carlton insisted Ross Lyon go through a process

In this episode ...

0:42 – Is this Patrick Dangerfield's last chance for a flag?

3:26 – Geelong’s tendency to bounce back in week two of the finals

4:23 – Grand Final excitement sweeps over Perth: WA people are 'proud' to be hosting it

5:24 – What time will the Grand Final start?

6:10 – Selection news: Chris Scott's big call

8:09 – The clock is ticking for Brisbane to go deep into September

9:57 – Are the Western Bulldogs coming back into form?

11:03 – The Bulldogs who impressed against Essendon

12:01 – Josh Schache up against his old side

14:04 – Ross Lyon turns down the Carlton coach gig

15:29 – Why the coach hiring process is what the Blues need