IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, our Queensland correspondent Michael Whiting joins star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards to discuss Lachie Neale and all of football's big issues.


- Neale shock: Even people around him had no line of sight on it
- Bont injury: So much drama leading into the preliminary final, but this superstar will play
- Will No.1 pick Jamarra Ugle-Hagan replace Cody Weightman? 'I just don't see it happening'
- Will Chris Scott to turn to Mr Reliable?

In this episode ...

0:45 – How Lachie Neale took everyone by surprise

2:14 – Michael Whiting joins the team to discuss Brisbane’s reaction

6:30 – Are there any concerns for Fremantle to bring him back?

7:48 – What is Brisbane’s next move?

10:20 – Bont 'the warrior' will try to fight through the pain on Saturday

11:56 – Cody Weightman out, Jamarra in?

13:34 – Sam Simpson and Quinton Narkle fight it out for Brandan Parfitt’s spot

14:59 – Adam Treloar needs to lift

17:28 – The Demon who could inspire Treloar to contribute