IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Mitch Cleary join all the dots on football's big issues.


- The combination of Gawn and Jackson is daunting … it would've been 'almost insurmountable' without Martin
- This key Bulldog is going to have a big bearing on what happens on Saturday
- The unsung Demons who gives the backline 'smarts and the footy nous'
- Michael Voss is now at the pointy end of the Carlton coach conversation
- 'I would be shocked' if the Giants haven’t explored options to move this expensive midfielder on

In this episode ... 

0:34 – Two star captains take centre stage

3:24 – Stefan Martin's massive importance

4:51 – Who gets the medical sub vest for Melbourne?

6:40 – Aaron Naughton v the League's stingiest defence

8:54 – How has Bevo used the extra week off?

11:38 – Michael Voss to coach Carlton becomes more and more likely

14:30 – Trade Radio has kicked into gear

16:33 – 'It'll be game on, from a trade perspective'

17:44 – Update on yesterday's COVID scare