IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Mitch Cleary look at all the latest trade new and join the dots on football's big issues.


- Why Richmond is central to the free agency movements today
- Free agency compensation is an 'inexact science' 
- What will Swans get for George Hewett?
- 'If Toby Greene wasn't hitting people and making contact with umpires, he may have got his second best and fairest last night'
- 'Off-field machinations are the intriguing part of THIS footy club right now' 
- Why Chris Scott could've been opening the batting for Australia at Geelong's B&F

In this episode ...

0:40 – The three moves likely to happen today

2:12 – Free agency compensation an inexact science

7:32 – Ollie Wines' season was 'one for the ages'

8:24 – Toby Greene may have cost himself a B&F

10:09 – Tom Stewart becomes Geelong’s club champion

11:07 – Could Stewart take over from Joel Selwood as captain?

11:48 – Geelong's off-field machinations

13:29 – Matthew Scarlett's exit from Geelong

16:35 – Geelong rebuilding its assistant coaching panel

18:16 – What free agency compensation will get for Mitch Cleary?