THE endorsement couldn't possibly have been any stronger. Sitting down for the recent AFL On Demand documentary 'Actions To Live By' exploring the building of the Brisbane Lions' early 2000s dynasty, Leigh Matthews had no hesitation in declaring his number one.

"Of all the players I have seen and coached," Matthews stated with complete conviction, "if I was picking a team from scratch, Michael Voss would be first picked."

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DYNASTIES PEEK: What Lethal Leigh REALLY thought of Brisbane

Dynasties is a must-watch series streaming now in AFL On Demand

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That's some statement. But with Voss having retired a full 15 years ago, it's understandable if his memory has faded just a touch for some.

STREAMING NOW 'The Greatest Showmen' in AFL ON DEMAND

Now, though, you can re-live the Lion King's complete and definitive story.

In the new narrated series 'The Greatest Showmen', which recounts the steps of the game's greatest players through archival vision and never-before-seen footage, the vividness of Voss' journey from prodigious talent to legendary captain returns to full view. 

Naturally when revisiting his legacy, the lasting images of premiership captain's courageous attack on the footy shine through.

But what really grabs you is when you see peak, early-prime Voss. Pre-injury Voss. It's the sheer power: the burst through the contest, the explosiveness, the force applied to his opponents, the thumping goals from well beyond 50 that travel through at post height. 

STREAMING NOW 'The Greatest Showmen' in AFL ON DEMAND

In his latter years as injury took its toll, the Lions' leader was forced to adapt. Gone was the brutal all-round athlete, but in its place came contested-ball excellence and leadership through example.

And it was in that phase when premiership cups flowed. And when looked at in totality from start to finish, Matthews' assessment looks justified.

'The Greatest Showmen' is a new original series on AFL On Demand which dives into the complete stories of the game's greatest players from yesteryear, detailing their extraordinary lengths to achieve success and the triumphs and setbacks along the way. Featuring long-lost, never-before-seen footage, 'The Greatest Showmen' is your definitive destination for the greats of Australian Rules Football where even the most ardent footy fan will learn something new.