IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the news and fallout from the Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period.


- This was a Trade Period without 'a headline act' 
- The Luke Breust twist: 'Everyone's got their own version of the truth' for this story
- Who is running Hawthorn? Jeff Kennett, Sam Mitchell, Justin Reeves, Richie Vandenberg, Mark McKenzie
- Why Bobby Hill stayed: The Giants are worried about the five games Toby Greene will miss in 2022 through suspension
- 'Trading in the AFL system is not about fairness, it's about getting what you can get' 

In this episode ... 

0:27 – Trade Period wraps up

1:50 – Luke Breust was 'the big twist' on the final day of trading

2:40 – Was the Breust deal actually agreed to by Hawthorn and GWS?

4:54 – The different statements out of the Hawks recently

6:54 – The Hawthorn plot to free up their salary cap space

9:01 – Bobby Hill was unable to get to Essendon

11:43 – Hill's return to GWS in the pre-season

13:16 – Are there winners and losers in the Trade Period?

16:17 – Why there was much less player movement this year compared to last year