IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards join all the dots on football's big issues.


- THIS compromises the draft, but the system has got a way of working it out
- The romance of the father-son and father-daughters recruits in our game is 'so important'
- Daicos is 'an absolute jet … I'm so excited to see what he can actually do in 2022' 
- Is it time to change the game limit for father-son eligibility?
- 'The next step to this is a mother-son and mother daughter-selection
- Why Grant Thomas is 'dangerous' for St Kilda

In this episode ...

0:31 – The nostalgia of the father-son system

1:49 – The two standout father-sons set to be snapped up this year

3:54 – Some of the others who could potentially be drafted to their father's club

4:42 – The 100 games requirement, should it change?

6:15 – Some of the best father-son combos ever

11:30 – The 'brilliant' father-daughter aspect to AFLW

12:39 – 'The next step' … mother-son and mother-daughter drafting

13:42 – Grant Thomas whacks St Kilda