IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at famous returns, and join all the dots on footy's big issues.


- Toby Greene needs to respond when he returns from his long layoff
- From full-blown mavericks, to star mids, the players who returned from bans with a bang
- No one in the history of the game has returned from injury like Tony Lockett in 1991
- Ben Cousins, in 2007, had 38 touches in first game after rehab
- This coach won't be there in 2023 if he can't make finals in 2022
- I don't think the Eagles ended up working out what type of player is Jarrod Brander

In this episode ... 

0:00 – Fashionably late starts to the season

1:21 – Toby Greene's suspension

3:35 – Toby can't be captain after this suspension

5:58 – When Andrew Gaff silenced the boo-ers

7:05 – Jonathan Brown kicks a massive eight-goal haul when he returned

7:52 – Chris Judd polls three Brownlow votes in five consecutive weeks

8:44 – Ben Cousins' 38-possession return from rehab

10:04 – Steve Johnson sparks Geelong's resurgence

11:35 – Tony Lockett's remarkable 1991 season after an early injury absence

13:19 – Can Stuart Dew lead his team to finals in 2022?

15:31 – West Coast's Jarrod Brander set to find a new home