IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nathan Schmook look at some the great, all-time drafts and join all the dots on football's big issues.


- History's great drafts
- 'Melbourne's draft class of 2019 had an instant impact'
- 'If you nail one draft as a footy club, anything can happen to your team'
- Richmond's stunning 2015 rookie haul
- The rebirth of the Hawks in 2004: Franklin, Roughead, and co
- The Irish experiment: Is it starting to drop off?

In this episode ... 

0:26 – Melbourne’s crucial 2019 draft haul

1:49 – The 'brave' pick swap that netted the Dees a young star 

3:22 – The 2001 superdraft

6:37 – Fremantle's 2016 goldmine

8:00 – Not one but two great drafts for the Hawks

9:12 – Are there less Irish AFL players these days?

12:02 – Some of the great Irish players throughout history

12:57 – Fletchers take a punt in the USA