MELBOURNE father-son prospect Taj Woewodin has "the right attitude" to forge a career at the same club his dad Shane won the 2000 Brownlow Medal, according to Demons recruiting boss Jason Taylor.

However, an unexpectedly early bid on Woewodin could scupper the East Fremantle product's hopes of donning the red and blue like his father. 

Woewodin's improvement at WAFL colts level this season, when he averaged 23 disposals and kicked a total of nine goals across 15 games, was impressive but Taylor said the young gun's character was just as important.

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"I've been on record to say that Taj, at least, comes with the right attitude," Taylor told's NAB AFL Draft Countdown show on Tuesday afternoon.

"He's shown some growth each week this year in areas where he's been trying to get better and from a recruiter's perspective, that's really important to see … what you're going to get is a person who going to come in and try to improve every day. That's all you can really ask for.

"He's played in all areas of the ground this year. There's been some growth in his inside game, he's played half-forward, he's played rebound, he's played on the wing and he's adapted to all those roles really well and he's done what he's been asked from his coaches, so that also points to his character."

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After nominating Woewodin as a father-son prospect, Melbourne will be able to take him with their last live selection in the NAB AFL Draft on Thursday night.

However, Taylor remained wary of other clubs' plans and indicated the Demons were no guarantee to match a surprise early bid.

"We try and gather our intel but really, when it comes down to the crunch, you just never know what can happen. You just have to have an order," he said.

"We've sat down with Taj and his family and outlaid our plans, and where that sits, and if the planets align, fantastic. But if a bid was to come really early, that might change the landscape."

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The Demons go into the draft with picks 17, 37, 49 and 57 before father-son and Academy bids take place.

Taylor said the club's drought-breaking premiership success and list profile allowed the club to consider needs-based picks at this year's draft more strongly than the 'best available' talent at its selections.

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"This year, we have had a little bit of a look at needs, which we do every year but we've probably drilled down a little bit further on that. Then you've got to get the balance right: do you overreach on a need versus talent? There's a bit of a mixture of all that," he said.

"We're comfortable with the players in our range, at either selection (17 or 37), that we're going to get players that come in and actually fill a need."

The Demons have nurtured likely top-five pick Mac Andrew as part of the club's Next Generation Academy in recent years but a rule change ahead of this season means Melbourne won't be able to match a bid inside the top 20 of this year's draft.

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Taylor said despite the club's near-certain inability to draft Andrew after his impressive under-18s season, the Demons would celebrate the athletic ruckman's graduation to an AFL club, wherever he landed.

"We've had a long time to digest that so, having got to know Mac along the journey, there'll be a sense of pride for him because he's such a terrific young man," Taylor said.

"I really wish him all the best in his endeavours going forward. I'll be excited for him."