IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Cal Twomey and Riley Beveridge discuss all things draft and join all the dots on the big issues.


- The 'mammoth task' of trying to work out what is actually going on in this year's draft
- Horne-Francis: 'There's not much he can't do as a forward/midfield option'
- Why the comparisons to Nat Fyfe are real, and the Danger talk is significant
- 'You have to play a few mind games' as a recruiter

In this episode ...

0:00 – Why this year's draft is unique 

1:10 – Where all the draftees be watching

2:04 – Jason Horne-Francis 'real' resemblance to two superstars

2:48 – The other high-end midfielders of this draft

3:46 – The 'phases of the draft'

4:50 – The 'numbers game' that stacks the odds against many draft hopefuls

5:53 –  How easy is it to predict the first round?