IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Nathan Schmook and Sarah Black unpack last night's NAB AFL Draft and look ahead to a big second night.


- 'A lot of talent at the top end, but it got a little bit crazy thereafter in the second half'
- The club that leaves the first round of the draft in 'a really nice position'
- Port and THAT move to leapfrog the Bombers and land Josh Sinn
- Why the Cats are going to be be really interesting to watch tonight

In this episode ...

0:00 – The predictable and the unpredictable bunches of picks in the first round

2:02 – Fremantle are the big winners of the first night

4:31 – A nervous day for those who missed out on selection

6:05 – Richmond plan for the future

7:25 – West Coast and Port Adelaide's pick swap

10:16 – A look to tonight's portion of the draft