IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, join star journalists Nathan Schmook and Sarah Black as they dissect the lists of both West Coast and St Kilda, and look at what to expect from these teams in 2022.


- St Kilda's 'frustrating year'
- 'The injuries did hurt them massively, they were one of those teams that did get hit pretty hard'
- Why this move is a 'smart decision' by West Coast
- The Eagles are just treading water a little bit'
- 'Keeping Kennedy and Hurn, that's the giveaway that they're having another throw at the stumps'
- AFLW draftees to watch: 'The top end of the draft had some real stars'

In this episode ... 

0:00 – The Saints' quiet off-season

1:37 – St Klida's search for A-graders

4:55 – The Eagles' off-field reshuffle

6:14 – Greg Clark looks to make an immediate impact

8:28 – West Coast gear up for a 'last hurrah'

10:50 – The AFLW draftees to watch

12:10 – Charlie Thomas could help form an outstanding midfield for a long time