IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Nathan Schmook and Sarah Black as they unpack Brisbane and Collingwood's list management and discuss who steps up in 2022.


- Brisbane's 'young talented core'
- Hipwood ahead of schedule', why he's basically been the No.1 full-forward since his debut
- The trio Brisbane need to get up and running
-  How do Pies go about the rebuild with so much experience on their list?
- Pies' B&F top 10 dominated by mostly older players
- Can Mason Cox get a game in 2022?

In this episode

0:00 – Brisbane look to take the next step

1:14 – Eric Hipwood's return will be crucial in 2022

2:50 – The Lions' youth needs to carry them forward

5:35 – Collingwood's blend of experience and youth

6:58 – Craig McRae's biggest challenge in his first year

7:28 – The young players Collingwood can get excited about  

9:35 – The forward-line considerations at the Pies