IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, the Traders take over and join all the dots on the Fantasy puzzle.


- 'It's the greatest game in the world'
- 'The first time ever anyone's been over $1 million'
- 'The young gun who will 'be in a heap of teams, he'll get games, and he can score against the big boys'
- Why Draft day for Fantasy leagues is 'better than Christmas, better than your birthday' 

In this episode ...

0:26 - How AFL Fantasy points are scored

1:41 - Choosing a 'punny' team name

3:43 - How to play Fantasy Classic

4:55 - What is a cash cow?

7:22 - Managing your team during the season

8:58 - Customisation is a key feature of Fantasy Draft

9:53 - Calvin suggests to make a big deal of your Draft Day

11:00 - Who goes first: Max Gawn or Brodie Grundy?

12:31 - The key to success in AFL Fantasy Draft