IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, journalists Damian Barrett and Nathan Schmook join all the dots on football's big issues.


- The AFL's 'play on at all costs' mantra for 2022
- Could a top-up pool of players for ALL clubs be a solution? 
- How will the Jack Darling uncertainty affect the Eagles?
- The team that's nailed pre-season so far

In this episode...

0:00 – "Play on at all costs": The AFL's motto for the coming year

1:14 – How a system of top-up players might look

4:20 – How can clubs get a competitive advantage this season?

5:32 – Player isolation period may come down

7:00 – What the way forward may be for Jack Darling

8:40 – Why the Eagles fans may need to "dial down their expectations"

10:44 – The club that's having the best pre-season

12:32 – How will Brisbane deal with their "baggage"?

13:14 – Who is the AFL's Ash Barty?