IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Josh Gabelich join all the dots on football's big issues.


- Tribunal has given us 'more questions than answers, and we've got a whole lot more mixed messaging'
- 'In my eyes Willie Rioli was not flying for a mark ... The whole system has to be blown up, started again'
- Why Josh and Damo disagree on the Mitch Robinson verdict
- The Achilles injury that is ultimately the club's 'Achilles problem' 
- 'Still their most important player'
- Eagles are 'desperate. It's a desperate decision, I can see why they're doing it'

In this episode ... 

0;00 –Willie Rioli’s ban overturned at the Tribunal

3:23 – Will the AFL appeal the decision?

6:20 – Damo and Josh debate the Mitch Robinson incident

8:37 – Rory Sloane's interesting defence

11:22 – Paddy Ryder nears a return to AFL level

12:37 – St Kilda’s lack of star power

15:53 – The cavalry arrives for the Eagles