THE AFL and Collingwood have both condemned the actions of supporters who erected an offensive banner at the MCG during the Magpies' thrilling victory over Richmond.

A banner emblazoned with "Go Pies! Stop the Mosques" was displayed beneath the scoreboard at the city end of the ground on Friday night.

The sign also had the letters UPF written on it, in support of the United Patriots Front, an anti-Islam group in Australia. 

The banner was eventually removed and the patrons responsible were evicted by match-day security, but not before fans took to social media to vent their outrage.

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan said on Saturday the banner was deeply offensive and the game would not let itself be used to vilify sections of the community.

"Our game has a history of egalitarianism and inclusion, and we must make sure that it continues to be a place where all Australians feel welcome," he said. 

"The sentiment on that banner, and the use of our game to push divisive and ignorant commentary will be rejected by our supporters and our clubs."

Mr McLachlan said on Saturday the names of the offenders should have been taken.

"That's a disappointing aspect. I'm not sure they could've done it easily either. I don't know the full detail of how it played out," he said. 

"There's going to be learnings out of this. The MCG security contractors will continue to improve."

Collingwood was made aware of the offensive material during the game.

President Eddie McGuire said on Saturday the club did not condone such behaviour from their supporters, and would endeavour to help police with their investigation.

"If they have anything to do with our club, they'll be banned," he said after the match.

McGuire expressed his outrage at a press conference on Saturday. 

"We've had enough of people trying to leverage off the popularity of our club and our great game to do this. We're all sick of it and we're appalled by it," he said.

"Our club is all about inclusion, about bringing people together from all walks of life."

The Magpies released a statement after the one-point win over Richmond denouncing the banner.

"The club awaits the outcome of further investigations into the matter by the AFL, the Victoria Police and MCG security," the statement read.

"These people do not speak for Collingwood and are condemned by Collingwood. If it established that they have a formal connection to the club, this connection will be severed.

"There is no place at Collingwood, or in our game, for such behaviour."

An MCG spokesperson said the banner was a breach of the conditions of entry, due its offensive nature.