ADELAIDE coach Matthew Nicks has pointed towards his players' inability to withstand the pressure of being favourites as a key factor in the Crows' 59-point loss against Greater Western Sydney on Saturday.

The Giants' second win of the season came against the odds: they were rank outsiders to topple the Crows, who had won three of their past four games.

But Nicks said his players failed to cope with being favourites - a rare tag for his rebuilding club.

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"We have got to deal with some expectations, which we weren't able to do today," Nicks said.

"There was a lot of noise around us being favourites ... the last month has been pretty good.

"We had some belief ... and we felt like we were trending in the right direction. And we still do.

"We would like to ... see this is an anomaly, see this as one where we for whatever reason didn't bring it to start the game.

"Are we able to deal with those expectations as being favourites?

"You'd hope we go away and learn more from it than sit around and wallow in it."

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The win alleviated some of the pressure on Giants coach Leon Cameron.

"AFL footy is the greatest leveller ever," he said.

"It's like golf. You play a really good shot and you can play a really poor shot and it can level you out.

"And that can happen within a day or two or within a week so it keeps you grounded, coaching.

"There is lots of pressure ... and there will be ups and downs."

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Watch GWS's press conference after round seven's match against Adelaide

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GWS entered Adelaide Oval with one win from six games and the tenure of coach Cameron in question - he and the club have parked talks until season's end.

But the level-headed Cameron has been appealing for some context when discussing his side's form.

"We have played some really good teams thus far, really good teams," he said.

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The Giants' results have included defeats to Melbourne, Fremantle, Sydney and St Kilda, four of the competition's top five, which is why Cameron hadn't been feeling too down.

"There's lots of positives going on that people are not going to see because of the scoreboard," he said.

But nor will Cameron get overly excited at the Adelaide trouncing.

"There's no doubt the nourishment you get out of a win helps the place," he said.

"And you have got to bottle it (the winning feeling) and take it into the next game.

"As you know, in footy, you just take your eye off the ball a little bit and you're in strife, anyone beats anyone."