IN THE minds of many it's the second and third seeds going head-to-head to complete round seven in an SCG clash to savour.

And while the significance of the match-up between Sydney and Brisbane may be altered as the season stretches on, there's no playing down the size of the Sunday afternoon stage right now from the Swans co-captain, Dane Rampe.

There are no 'just another game' cliches.

"I think you're pretty right. It has got that big game feel about it and it's something we spoke about as a group this week to really, I guess, relish being back in that position," he told

"I guess that's been our messaging to all of our players this week is just to appreciate the fact that we're back in what everyone else is calling a big game and we see it the same way."

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As big as the game is, so early in the season, so too does it loom as being even.

Bar the home advantage for Sydney, both the Swans and Lions seem so equal on every line and with such a similar list balance of experienced stars and talented youngsters.

For the Swans, that youthful brigade has not only revived their list but also transformed their fortunes over the last season and a bit, with Errol Gulden, Justin McInerney and Chad Warner, to name but a few, developing into genuine game-changers.

"It just allows us to be reinvigorated. Re-energised by the enthusiasm that all these young guys have. That's something that we've really probably been taken aback by, to be honest," Rampe said.

"It regularly happens at training, and we've probably seen over the last couple weeks in games, blokes like Chad Warner and Isaac Heeney, I know he's not probably considered young, but he's probably taken that next step. And McInerney, Nick Blakey. They're doing things that can really change a game, and that's probably not something that we've had in our team for quite a while."

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While there are now several Swans that can change a game, it's the player controlling the contest more than any other in Callum Mills who has come in for praise this week following his career-high 37-disposal performance in the win over Hawthorn last week.

And Rampe was detailed in his acclaim for his fellow co-captain.

"To be honest, I don't really see a flaw in his game. I think what he learnt from that time down back I think is what sets him apart as a midfielder, his ability to really go both ways and do that with some power and intensity," he said.

"One thing is having 37 disposals last week, but the other thing is taking Tommy Mitchell out of the game and stopping him when he looked like getting off the hook. I think that's a really impressive trait to have, and that's the reason that he's our skipper as well. He's one that leads from the front."

One of the other major changes has been down back with Paddy McCartin joining brother Tom as the key defensive pillar in the Swans' back six. That's allowed Rampe's role to be altered and it's a change he's revelling in.

Dane Rampe and Paddy McCartin after Sydney's win over Hawthorn in round six, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

"I absolutely love having both of them back down there, truly," he said.

"It's been a pleasure really just to watch Tommy and Paddy go about their business, because I think they provide something that I don't, which is that probably high-end tall intercept marker, and it allows me to play a bit closer to goal."

"What's been great is instead of having to halve the contest, we're able to win the ball back and then get it moving pretty quickly."