SAM REID, by his own admission, isn't a footy head.

Unlike many others in the trade - including his brother and former Magpie, Ben - his life doesn't revolve around the game that he has served so well in Sydney for 12 years.

The 30-year-old is a little bit different in his make up, which makes absolutely no difference to his commitment to the craft, of course.

But despite not being a fanatic of all that ensues in the AFL world, he does hold a great appreciation and perspective for just how fortunate he is to still be playing the game at the highest level.

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Footy Feed: Brotherly love helping Reid, but it's no swansong just yet

Daniel Garb goes one-on-one with Sydney's Sam Reid

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On Saturday night at the SCG in a critical match-up with the Saints, he will do so for the 170th time.

But only for the 50th in the last five years.

"The older you get, whether you're injured or not, you can get more of an appreciation of just how special it is," he told

"The little things I've started to notice is the character of different stadiums and the noise that comes with it and the energy. And two years of no crowds also brings that. And then you get a whole new appreciation of what it means to play in front of great support and what it means to the fans as well.

"It's been a good year so far and I just want to continue it and keep coming out here and running out as many times as I can."

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Reid revives rising Swans

Sam Reid kicks an important goal after some great Sydney transition football

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Much the same as his older brother, injuries are the primary reason for the lack of continuity in Reid's recent campaigns.

It's meant that a career that started in a blaze of premiership glory in 2012 with 31 goals as a 20-year-old in just his third season, has hit some significant hurdles in recent times.

But he's fought through all of them and is now thriving, holding his spot as the in-form forward/second ruck option in the Swans' setup.

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Sam slams six in a medal-winning performance

Sam Reid kept the Swans in the game kicking half a dozen goals

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"I think I've been probably training more than I have in the previous five years this year. So, I've been able to put together a good, solid preseason and even during the week, I've been able to train both training sessions,” he said.

"I think that's helped me build a bit of resilience in my body. And touch wood, it's going well so far, but I just need to keep it rolling."

Sydney's Sam Reid competes with West Coast's Hugh Dixon in round five at Optus Stadium on April 15, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

The advice of his older sibling has helped as well, especially when the experiences have been of such a similar nature.

A total of 152 games, including a flag early on, were played by Ben before retirement came at the end of 2020, but only 57 of those were chalked up in his final seven years.

"Every time we rang each other, it was like 'how's your body going?' And he might have something, I might have something. We ended up having a laugh about it pretty much at the end of it," he said.

"(Ben's) enjoying his footy now, playing country footy in Wangaratta. So, he's still sticking at it and he's having a good time."

Ben Reid in action during a Collingwood training session at Holden Centre on July 1, 2020. Picture: Getty Images

There is plenty more that Sam Reid wants to achieve on the field before those post-AFL options present themselves. Perhaps even another premiership.

But when they do, it's fair to say he's less likely to stay entrenched in the footy world.

"Growing up, we used to have this whole thing with Foxtel, you had to change the card over to get the sport channels. And we used to fight over the card. Ben would always get it because he was a bit older and stronger and then he'd watch six hours of footy a day. I was a little bit different. So no, I'm not quite as big a footy head," Reid said.

"I've got a daughter who's almost one and a son who's almost three, I'm living about an hour north of the SCG, so when I leave the footy club, I find it pretty easy to escape footy and shift my mind to other things, which I think is healthy."

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This is how to Reid the flight and rise above the pack

Sydney forward Sam Reid takes a great mark and kicks the second goal of the game

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But that doesn't mean the Victorian product is averse to revelling in footy's grand moments. Like his own premiership from 2012 and the 10-year reunion of that conquest, which took place in May.

"Yeah, it was really special. It was great to see Adam Goodes and all those guys. People's lives change. Shane Mumford was there and he’s an opposition ruck coach now. It's good fun though and it's great to look back on those memories and hopefully we can do it again," he said.

Sam Reid and coach John Longmire celebrate Sydney's round 12 win over Melbourne at the MCG on June 4, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

With such a talent-laden group of youngsters the Swans are set to be in the premiership conversation for many years to come but Reid is still confident that triumph can materialise while he’s still patrolling the forward 50 in red and white.

Perhaps, even this season.

"Potentially. I mean, we've still got a fair bit of footy to play this year. We need to make the finals first of course. But yeah, I mean I think it's anyone's competition," he said.

"If you finish inside the top eight, come finals time, then you have a genuine chance. I think anyone who shows up on their day can do a job on the other team. It's such a close competition at the moment, I think."