FORTY-SEVEN years since he was the god of Victoria Park, Peter McKenna still gets emotional when he visits the famous venue.

McKenna, who features in the latest episode of's special series Centurions, still sits 10th all-time on the VFL/AFL leading goalkickers list, with 874 goals (838 for Collingwood between 1965-75, and 36 for Carlton in 1977) from 191 matches, at the extraordinary average of 4.58.


With rockstar looks, hit singles, live TV appearances and best-selling books to accompany his extraordinary football ability, McKenna was worshipped by Collingwood supporters, particularly when playing at Victoria Park for a decade.

He still regularly travels to Collingwood to visit a friend, and always makes sure to pay his respects to the place he once rocked.

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Collingwood legend Peter McKenna sits down with Damian Barrett to discuss his amazing career as part of Centurions

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"I get very emotional when I come on this ground, we get off the train here at Victoria Park and we never walk around the ground, we walk across here, and oh, the memories come back, and I have to always go to the race over there and smell the dampness and the liniment," McKenna said on Centurions. "I still do that now."

McKenna reached a century of goals in 1970, 1971 and 1972.

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It was only after his career had finished that he realised the extent of his profile.

"Probably not, but in later years when I looked back I probably realised, and Eddie (McGuire) keeps telling me that I was bigger than Buddy Franklin," McKenna said.

McKenna said he never recovered from being part of the Collingwood loss to Carlton in the 1970 Grand Final, after leading by 44 points. McKenna kicked six goals in that game.

"I never get over it, none of us get over it … I'd swap winning goalkicking, it is a team game, you play with guys for 10 or 11 years, they become your mates, but to be 44 points in front at half-time and then lose, I don't think … none of us got over that," McKenna said. "I still ache over it."