ST KILDA coach Brett Ratten has implored the wider public to take a more glass half-full approach when talking about his side, after the Saints secured a much-needed win against a fast-finishing Hawthorn to keep themselves in the mix for finals.

The Saints had the game firmly in their control and looked set for a comfortable win early in the third-term, after booting seven unanswered goals and opening up a game-high 44-point lead on the Hawks.

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However, Hawthorn responded, kicking eight of the last 10 goals to create a grandstand finish at Marvel Stadium, but ultimately Ratten's charges were able to hold firm and come away with the 12-point win which puts them inside the eight for the time being.

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Highlights: St Kilda v Hawthorn

The Saints and Hawks clash in round 20

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When asked about how he would review the game, Ratten said he would rather look at the positives of the performances instead of the negatives, which he believes the football public tend to focus on more.

"Well, probably everyone that speaks about us, speaks about half empty," Ratten said

"Every time we speak to somebody, we're not going so well, we don't do this, we don't do that. We won the game of footy. 

A GREAT ESCAPE Saints hold on in thriller

"We didn't play the game for four quarters how we wanted to. We took four points, we won contested ball, we didn't win the inside 50s but we had 25 shots at goal, but everyone can keep looking at how negative the Saints are and what the Saints are doing. 

"We won a game of footy so I think it'd be nice for people to say 'yeah, well done', for a change."

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While acknowledging his side haven't always played their best football throughout the season, Ratten believes his side have become a bit of an "easy target" despite being right in the mix for a finals position.

"We know we haven't played our best footy through the year but so have other clubs too," Ratten said.

"We've won 11 games and we put ourselves in a position of maybe playing finals, maybe not. I don't know what the future holds for us. 

"But I just think we always look at it from a more glass half empty view, than maybe thinking a bit more about some of the positives that this club brings."

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Saints on fire with back-to-back beauties

Goals to Tim Membrey and Mitch Owens in quick succession gives the Saints a red-hot start to the second half

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Ratten was pleased with his side's pressure around the ground, particularly in the first half when the Saints were able to keep the Hawks to a single goal before half-time.

In more positive news for the Saints, Dan Hannebery got through his first game since round 23 last year unscathed, putting together an eye-catching performance which included 27 disposals and a goal.

"He's a quality player, Dan," Ratten said.

"He was a bit rusty in some things in the game but it's just pleasing that he gets to run out and play and we will get him up next week hopefully, if everything goes to plan.

"I was excited for Dan to be back playing AFL footy. That's what he's been crying out to do and he's done it tough. No one wants to be injured and repeat injuries, but for him to just get out there and play and be part of the game is great for him mentally."

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Hannebery kicks feel-good ripper in comeback special

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Meanwhile, Hawthorn coach Sam Mitchell was pleased with how his side got back into the contest in the second half, but believes the game should've been over long before then.

"I think the game should have been put to bed by half-time," Mitchell said.

"I thought they were the far better side and they missed some opportunities in front of goal. When you get beaten by that margin in the contest, which was a key focus going into the game, we knew that was going to be an important factor.

"Unfortunately, we gave ourselves no chance really in the first half. We're going to have to have a look at it because that's the second time they've done that to us.

"The pleasing part about today was that we were able to reel it back in and show something and get close-ish late so there's more positives in that aspect but you can't give up a start like that."

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Full post-match, R20: Hawks

Watch Hawthorn's press conference after round 20's match against St Kilda

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The Hawks coach also confirmed Mitch Lewis and Josh Morris both sustained knee and shoulder injuries, which respectively ended their games prematurely.

Mitchell said Lewis had been battling a sore knee for "a while" but after an awkward fall, they refused to take any risks of further injury due to the heavy deficit his side were facing at the time.

Hawthorn's Mitch Lewis heads to the rooms in round 20 against St Kilda at Marvel Stadium on July 30, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

Fellow key-forward Jacob Koschitzke also suffered a "nasty corky" to his thigh, but battled on in the second-half despite "hardly" being able to walk at half-time.

"Kosi (Koschitzke) really worked hard," Mitchell said.

"We were already (down to) three on the bench so we really needed him to soldier on for us and he committed to that and gave us what he could. He couldn't run or lead or do very much but he gave us a contest.

"Sometimes as a young player, having to fight through when your body is nowhere near its best is an important lesson to learn. So he was able to do that which he should take some confidence from."