FORMER Kangaroo Leigh Adams' AFL journey – at least as a player – ended abruptly in 2015 because of a series of concussions that effectively forced him into retirement.

Adams still deals four years later with the related issues from those head knocks, most prominently with his mental health. 

EASY CALL Retirement a simple decision for Adams

However, his love for football was rekindled as a coach, firstly working in development at North Melbourne before winning a premiership at South Croydon in 2017. 

Adams is now VFL club Coburg's senior coach and he joins reporter Marc McGowan on this week's Trends podcast to discuss what he's learned from his time in football.

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The 31-year-old offers insights into why coaches need to develop strong relationships with their players, as well as the evolution of his own coaching philosophy.

Adams also speaks candidly about how his repeat concussions affected him as an individual and his misgivings about depression before he was diagnosed with the mental health condition.

Trends is a podcast for the hardcore and average football fan who wants to learn more about what they're watching each weekend – plus what's going on behind the scenes.

Podcast summary

2:25 – Disillusioned with the AFL scene

5:00 – The appeal of coaching your own team

8:40 – Implementing a gameplan in local football

11:56 – Stepping up to be a VFL senior coach

14:32 – An emphasis on getting defence right

18:08 – Paying 60 per cent of the salary cap

20:47 – Coburg's journey to a level playing field

22:28 – The AFL mid-season draft experience

26:20 – Building strong relationships with players

29:27 – The true impact of repeat concussions

31:20 – 'Happy-go-lucky' to diagnosed with depression

34:13 – Players need more help in the AFL afterlife