ROUND 14 had some super-human efforts, like that of ‘my boy’ Tom Rockliff who was outstanding in a lopsided defeat with 45 touches and 12 tackles for 2014's top Fantasy score of 172

At the other end of the spectrum, Kade Simpson made it a sad Sunday for almost 40,000 coaches with a score of 26.

Let’s look ahead to round 15!

Round 14 Fantasy review

After a bout of gastro in round nine caused Dayne Zorko [FWD/MID, $371,283] to score just 14, coaches were left with a season defining decision to stick or twist, with many opting for the latter.

When he returned in round 11, coaches who held Zorko were rewarded for the decision as he delivered an impressive 114.

However it's been downhill since then, with scores of 76 and 71 before Zorko managed just 43 against the Dockers on the weekend, causing another big price drop for the hard-tackling forward.

This week against the Roos, Zorko has a break-even of 90 and given his inconsistent play of late, it is worth his 36,000 coaches parting ways and upgrading him to a more reliable forward such as Luke Parker, Brent Harvey, Dustin Martin or Robbie Gray.

There are many benefits of playing with arguably the game’s greatest ever player in Gary Ablett Jr.

One of them being it helps to avoid the number one tag. Harley Bennell showed on the weekend what he can do without a tag by kicking 6.3 from 27 possessions and scoring 155, but the player I am focusing on today is Dion Prestia [MID, $570,197].

In the last five weeks, Prestia has elevated his game to the next level and shown he can match it statistically with the league’s elite.

Since round 10, Prestia has scored 116, 130, 107, 139 and 132 to give him a five game average of 125 and a break-even of just 82 leading into this week’s match-up against the Hawks.

The beauty of Prestia’s domination is that he has not relied on one particular facet of his game for the big scores, but a well-balanced stat line filled with 28+ possessions to go with impressive tackling and marking numbers.

If you are after a unique gun, Prestia is your man, as he is owned by just two per cent of the competition.

A player who I have not paid enough credit to this year, is Tiger star Dustin Martin [FWD/MID, $543,047]. 

I was amazed to learn this week that only 30 per cent of the competition has benefited from his last six games where he has not dropped below 100 and had scored over 110 on five occasions including 123 and 128.

He has a break-even of just 84 this week and is coming into games against the Fantasy-friendly Saints, followed by the Lions.

If you are waiting for Dusty to fail, it is not going to happen. So bite the bullet, admit you should have selected him from the beginning and make the Tiger a high-priority inclusion.

By no means am I saying you should trade in Jay Schulz [FWD, $414,199] but the guy deserves a mention! While we have been taking scores of  58, 83 and 64 from Luke Dahlhaus along with 71, 83 and 64 from Craig Bird and 88, 41 and 72 from Nick Riewoldt, Schulz has been quietly pumping the tons with 111, 112 and 158 to give him a three-game average of 127 and a break-even of -3. 

The fact that Schulz is just as capable of 30-point returns puts a line through him, but a few of our forwards are getting off lightly and need to be put on notice. Keep up the good work Schulzy

Geelong forward Shane Kersten [FWD, $133,785] was all the rage in the pre-season until injury delayed his AFL debut.

On the back of some good form on the VFL, Kersten was given his first chance at the top level against the Suns and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands, taking seven marks and kicking three goals on his way to a score of 85, seemingly cementing himself in the side for the time being.

Forwards with solid job security are hard to find at this time of year and he could be the best downgrade options we see for a while.


Jarrad McVeigh, Shane Kersten
Out: Tom Langdon, Dayne Zorko

It's time for Langdon to go whether he gets up or not for this week, says Warnie. He finally gets upgraded to McVeigh while Zorko is shown the door with a crash grab for Geelong's Kersten.

In: Shane Kersten, Dane Swan
Out: Patrick Ambrose, Dom Tyson

Calvin has been trying for weeks to get his favourite Dane Swan back in the team and he is able to do it on the back of a traditional downgrade/upgrade.

Anthony Miles, Dion Prestia
Dayne Zorko, Craig Bird

I have had enough of Zorko getting tagged and Bird doing the tagging so it is time to part ways. Although I have missed the boat to some extent with Miles, he has two very easy games ahead and should serve as a nice stepping stone to complete my midfield in a few weeks. The small downgrade to the ex-Giant also gives me enough money to bring in Prestia.

If you have any trade questions, hit me up on Twitter and I will do my best to get back to you! Good luck this week!