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Yokayi Footy: Dogs and Demons' incredible journey to the GF

Megan and Tony look back at the year of our 2021 Grand finalists

  • 02:54 mins
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Yokayi Yarns

The Yoyaki Yarn is a weekly monologue which opens Yokayi Footy. It will address the most pressing and important issue of the week. Sometimes, they will be comedic, such as a look at the hilarious ways in which we’ve kept ourselves sane during lockdown. Other times, they will be raw, intimate and heartfelt, like Bianca’s take on Captain Cook’s place in Australian history, or Tony’s experiences of racial vilification in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement. Whatever the topic, the Yokayi Yarn is short and snappy, edgy, engaging, sharable, and designed to make a statement and spark a great conversation – both on the show and in the living room.



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