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Yokayi Footy: Ryder reveals secret weapon

St Kilda's Paddy Ryder share his special 'One Thing' that he uses to prepare and recover from games

  • 01:02 mins
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Yokayi Footy One Thing

Each week on Yokayi Footy we ask our guest to bring in something special to them, that will help us to get to know them better. Whether it is a treasured football possession or a priceless family heriloom these items always spark an engaging conversation, often uncovering a beautiful story and showing our guest in a different light. We often think we know so much about our favourite players through football but ‘One Thing’ allows our guest to share precious moments of great significance to their lives. From a hundred year old letter asking for Noongar children to attend school to ultrasound pictures and grandmothers rings, this segment reveals incredible stories not heard before and beautiful tender moments.



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