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1947 footage comes to life: How the fans flocked, and women played

Watch this grainy vision burst into colour and relive a rare moment in history

  • 06:14 mins
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AFL Remastered - (Samsung)

Through AI technology and in partnership with Samsung, AFL Media has breathed fresh life into forgotten stories by colourising and restoring historic vision from yesteryear. The effect of the colourisation is illuminating, with many of the finer details of the black and white vision being accentuated with colour. From 100 year old vision of soldiers playing an exhibition match in London during WW1 to a women’s round robin competition aimed at raising money for charity, these stories are thrust back into the spotlight with commentary from experts on the subject matter. Featuring Easton Wood and Sam Lane, this series takes a look at the roll football has played across many generations and how it has helped to shape Australia and its culture.



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