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AFL Mark of the Year Winners

AFL Mark of the Year Winners



Year Winner Team Match
2019 Liam Ryan WCE West Coast Eagles v Melbourne, R9
2018 Isaac Heeney SYD Melbourne v Sydney Swans, R21
2017 Joe Daniher ESS St Kilda v Essendon, R17
2016 Majak Daw NMFC Collingwood v North Melbourne, R18
2015 Nic Naitanui WCE West Coast Eagles v Geelong, R9
2014 Chad Wingard PORT Port Adelaide v St Kilda, R12
2013 Jamie Elliott COLL Collingwood v Port Adelaide, R14
2012 Jeremy Howe MELB Melbourne v Sydney Swans, R8
2011 Andrew Krakouer COLL Collingwood v Adelaide Crows, R9
2010 Liam Jurrah MELB Port Adelaide v Melbourne
2009 Brett Burton ADEL Carlton v Adelaide Crows, R22
2008 Matthew Lloyd ESS Essendon v Melbourne, R18
2007 Michael Newton MELB Melbourne v Kangaroos, R17
2006 Brad Ottens GEEL Geelong v Sydney Swans, R5
2005 Luke McPharlin FRE Fremantle v West Coast Eagles, R3
2004 Ashley Sampi WCE West Coast Eagles v Melbourne, R7
2003 Chris Tarrant COLL Collingwood v Geelong, R18
2002 Jonathan Brown BL Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions, R17
2001 Gary Moorcroft ESS Essendon v Western Bulldogs, R14
2000 Tony Modra FRE Fremantle v Geelong, R1
1999 Matthew Lappin CARL Carlton v Essendon, R1
1998 Winston Abraham NMFC North Melbourne v Port Adelaide, R18
1997 Tony Modra ADEL Adelaide Crows v North Melbourne, R12
1996 Ben Hart ADEL Adelaide Crows v St Kilda, R8
1995 Shaun Smith MELB Brisbane Bears v Melbourne, R22
1994 Gary Ablett Sr. GEEL Collingwood v Geelong, R7
1993 Tony Modra ADEL Adelaide v North Melbourne, R8
1992 Nicky Winmar STK Essendon v St Kilda, R16
1991 Brett Allison NMFC North Melbourne v Collingwood, R11
1990 Michael Mitchell RICH Richmond v Fitzroy, R5
1989 Alastair Lynch Fitzroy Fitzroy v North Melbourne, R16
1988 Stephen Silvagni CARL Collingwood v Carlton, R14
1987 Warwick Capper SYD Sydney Swans v Hawthorn, Qualifying Final
1986 Alan Ezard ESS Essendon v Carlton, R5
1985 Gary Ablett Sr. GEEL Geelong v North Melbourne, R5
1984 Denis Banks COLL Footscray v Collingwood, R10
1983 Ken Hunter CARL Carlton v Richmond, R1
1982 Geoff Raines RICH Richmond v Fitzroy, R2
1981 Peter Bosustow CARL Carlton v Geelong, R18
1980 Graham Teasdale SMFC South Melbourne v Collingwood, R7
1979 Michael Roach RICH Richmond v Hawthorn, R5
1978 Phil Baker NMFC Hawthorn v North Melbourne, Grand Final
1977 Peter Knights HAW Collingwood v Hawthorn, R9
1976 Billy Picken COLL Collingwood v St Kilda, R16
1975 Peter Knights HAW Hawthorn v Carlton, R17
1974 Billy Picken COLL Collingwood v Richmond, R9
1973 Alan Atkinson COLL Collingwood v Hawthorn, R21
1972 Peter Knights HAW Hawthorn v Collingwood, R17
1971 Alex Ruscuklic FITZ Fitzroy v Carlton, R10
1970 Alex Jesaulenko CARL Carlton v Collingwood, Grand Final

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