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Umpire Courses


Umpire Introductory Course

The online learning platform for Umpire Education is now available for umpires to access and complete the Umpire Introductory Course.

The new learning platform for umpire education, including the Umpire Introductory Course is now open and will provide all community umpires with an improved learning and user experience.

To access the learning platform, umpires will need to create an account and once in the platform will need to enrol in the courses they wish to complete.

To create an account please register here.

More courses will be added to the platform over the duration of 2021!

If you have any queries please contact

Umpires Coaching Academy

The AFL is committed to the education of our umpire coaches. The quality of our umpire coaches is critical to the long-term success of umpiring at grassroots level right up to the national competition.

It is clear that the experience an umpire has with their coach directly correlates with the successful recruitment and retention of our umpires.

The AFL understands that the vast majority of our umpire coaches are volunteers and complete full time work in addition to their umpiring commitments. Considering this, the AFL has been focused on providing a resource that will help coaches be successful in their role.

The AFL’s Umpires Coaching Academy is an online resource that hosts the National Umpire Coach Accreditation Scheme, National Umpire Accreditation Scheme, National Umpiring Curriculum, forums and workshops.

The Umpires Coaching Academy will be available upon the launch of the new learning platform in early February.

If you would like more information on umpire coaching or the Umpire Coaching Academy, email your local State Umpiring Contact. 

State Umpiring Contacts
Victoria Andrew Talbot e:
New South Wales/ACT Brent Trewin e:
Queensland Haydn O'Connor e: Haydn.O’
South Australia Barry Oates e:
Western Australia Cameron Douglas e:
Tasmania Sam Bridges e:
Northern Territory Samuel Cunningham e:

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