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The essence of football is the contest, pitting player against player, team against team. Here we present chapters from some of football's greatest rivalries.

Rivals: Who has the best tricks?

Steve J and Toby Greene compare highlight reels

August 16, 2018  6:00 AM

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Rivals: Who has the best tricks?

Steve J and Toby Greene compare highlight reels

6:00AM Aug 16, 2018

Rivals: Hawkins and Isaac, friendly foes

Tom Hawkins and Isaac Smith chat about their Cats v Hawks rivalry, that curse and some epic grand final tussles.

6:00AM Aug 9, 2018

Rivals: Cornes and Bickley Showdown niggle

Port and Crows former stars, Chad Cornes and Mark Bickley chat about their rivalry and Showdown moments

9:00AM Aug 2, 2018

Rivals News

Suma's boot: When Pies, Eagles were drawn together

In 1990, Collingwood and West Coast fought one of the great finals

6:51am  Sep 5, 2018

Rivals: The day the Giants stood up to the Swans

Little brother takes on big brother on the finals stage

8:43pm  Aug 16, 2018

'Get the hearse for the curse'

In 2013, the Hawks ended one of footy's most memorable hoodoos

10:03pm  Aug 9, 2018

Rivals: When the Dons and Hawks were kings

Ashley Browne looks back at a classic 1984 Hawthorn-Essendon semi-final

9:51am  Aug 4, 2018

Rivals: The Showdown rumble after the Ramsgate

Three months after hotel brawl, Crows and Power clashed again

6:51am  Aug 2, 2018

Rivals: The eight best Riewoldt v Riewoldt matches, ranked

The most memorable clashes between cousins Jack and Nick

9:21pm  Jul 19, 2018

Rivals: The true origin of the Marshmallow Wars

The pulsating 1993 clash Roos fans should never forget

6:20am  Jun 28, 2018

Rivals: The heroes and villains of 1970's battle royale

How Blues and Pies staged one of history's most pivotal Grand Finals

6:54am  Jun 21, 2018