We are currently in BETA We are currently in BETA

About AFL On Demand

What is AFL On Demand?

AFL On Demand is a new video streaming service showcasing some of the best programming the AFL has to offer.

What's a BETA version?

This is an early version of AFL On Demand that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete.

What content is available?

The AFL On Demand BETA product features some of the AFL’s best shows, stories, selected match highlights and original programs for all AFL fans.

Will I be able to watch live games on AFL On Demand?

No. But you can still access live games via your AFL Live Pass on the AFL Live Official App. If you’re overseas, you can subscribe to Watch AFL.

What devices and browsers are supported?

You can access AFL On Demand BETA online from your desktop or mobile device at www.afl.com.au/ondemand using the latest browser versions.

Can I cast to my TV?

No. Currently in BETA, this is not available but you can watch AFL On Demand online from your desktop or mobile device at www.afl.com.au/ondemand.

Do I have to pay, subscribe or register an account to access AFL On Demand?

No. AFL On Demand is free.

I’m not in Australia. Can I access AFL on Demand?

Yes. AFL On Demand is available everywhere.